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Automate unnecessary processes 

Work smarter and get rid of unnecessary tasks that cost time and effort

Focus on building relationships, not on time-consuming tasks. Discover the benefits >

Daily work of employees is usually filled with repetitive tasks, which compromise the time needed to fulfill more essential matters in a job.

With 24sessions some of these repetitive tasks such as reminding customers, getting them into a video call and asking for feedback afterwards are automated. This way, we allow your team to focus on the things that are important, for example, providing the best service and advice possible.


Notifications and reminders

To make sure people won't forget about scheduled meetings, we have built in automatic notifications into 24sessions. Ensuring people get a reminder via email and SMS. These notifications can be customized to match your brand and tone of voice. You can also create additional notifications - for example, a day or an hour before the meeting starts.


Onboard customers effortlessly

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for customers in a video call, not knowing what is happening on their side. This is why 24sessions incorporates an advanced onboarding bot that guides your customers through every step and helps them where needed.

Are there problems with your customer' microphone? No problem, our bot will show a gif animation on where to locate microphone settings to solve the issue. Simultaneously we'll notify the advisor about the issue, allowing him to contact the customer if needed.


AI-powered insights

With AI Conversation Intelligence you empower financial advisors to focus on what matters: building the customer relationship - rather than on manually taking notes, boring admin jobs or time-consuming compliance tasks.

Automatically record and transcribe your video calls. Keep track of the compliance of every video call. Automatically detect compliance topics that are discussed and flag topics that are not mentioned.

Smart recordings also enable you to coach teams more effectively. We let you focus on most relevant conversations with highest or lowest satisfaction scores.


24sessions empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. Email & Text notifications

    24sessions sends customizable email and text notifications, resulting in extremely low no-show rates.

  2. Smart onboarding

    Our smart onboarding helps your customers join video calls when they need a helping hand.

  3. AI Conversation Intelligence

    Create automated reports through smart transcription, minimize risks across teams by using our compliance tracker and offer effective coaching through call analytics.

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