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Highly Configurable Meeting Types

Configure every video call journey to fit your workflow

Every client meeting requires a different journey. Configure each meeting type to fit customer needs, business processes and compliance risks. Discover the benefits >


Video calling has quickly become a leading channel for meeting your customers, ranging from short sales qualification calls to long, highly complex investment banking conversations. When the variation in meeting types is so large, how do you ensure every video call journey is in line with your organisation’s business processes and regulations?

This is where 24sessions comes in. Our video calling platform is highly configurable and allows you to customize the right settings per client meeting. For every type of video call, configure / enable / disable settings in meeting duration, communication, language, agent access, compliance, recordings, review forms and legislation.


Design your journeys

With 24sessions, you create customer journeys that fit every client meeting. This not only includes a fully branded video call experience, but also customizable booking forms, preferred languages, email templates and calendar invites.

Plus, while most video calling solutions complete the journey after the video call has finished, 24sessions allows you to complete the circle - thanks to custom review forms and custom redirects to your website, blog, or any page you’d like.


Configure to fit your business processes

You make the video calling technology fit your business processes - not the other way around. Recording is an important part of many client meetings. For some meetings even it’s mandatory to make recordings. Through 24sessions, you can configure recording settings for every meeting type. You determine what is recorded - audio only or both audio, video and shared screens. On top of this, you can control access to these recordings, set retention periods and review audit logs.

Next to recordings, you can manage which users get access to which type of meeting. Finally, 24sessions also integrates easily with your CRM system, so you have all the means to fully embed video calling into your business processes.


Comply with legislation and regulations

24sessions provides an enterprise-grade solution that complies with your company's requirements for regulation and legislation. If you need to show a legal disclaimer to your client before they enter the meeting or book an appointment, with 24sessions you can. Legal settings are also entirely configurable per meeting type. You decide which message you show when.


We empower service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. Custom forms, emails and SMS

    Customize your customer communication flows for every meeting type.

  2. Recordings

    Choose and enable / disable the right recording settings per meeting type.

  3. Configurable legal notices and disclaimers

    Customize legal disclaimers to show to your client before they enter the meeting or book an appointment.

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