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Learn how video calling with customers is implemented on a wide range of industries. 


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Receive news about our product, team, and customers every month.

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Customize to fit your brand

Provide a high touch customer experience that's fully aligned with your brand

Customize 24sessions so that it completely fits in your customer journey.


As a business, you're putting immense focus on branding and journeys. Customers are guided through a carefully managed path of colors, images, and buttons that gets them from A to B. Well, that's until they hit the wall of video calling. Here, businesses are still dependent on the technology they're using. And this doesn't match the look and feel of their own business.

In contrast to other forms of online communication, 24sessions provides a high touch customer experience that is fully aligned with your brand. You're able to customize all touchpoint throughout the customer journey.


Your own address or domain

With 24sessions your video calls with customers do not happen in third-party software like Skype or WebEx but right on your own trusted website. Even our automatic email confirmations can be sent from your own domain in your look & feel.  


Branded experience

Create a branded experience showing your logo, colors, and images throughout 24sessions. This way video calling fully fits your customer journey. 


Tone of voice

Customize all communications from 24sessions to your customers. From emails to review questions and SMS messages, your tone of voice will be leading. 


24sessions empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. Your own address or domain

    Run 24sessions video calls on our subdomain ( or host them on your own domain.

  2. Tone of voice

    Customize the tone of voice we use to send notifications, emails and show on pages.

  3. Branded Experience

    24sessions is completely brandable, allowing you to show your logo, colors and tone of voice.

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Industry-leading security

24sessions handles enterprise-grade standards when it comes to securing your video calls.

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Allow your customers to join video calls using their mobile devices.

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No downloads

24sessions equals effortless video calling without any downloads.

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