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Learn how video calling with customers is implemented on a wide range of industries. 


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Enterprise-grade player

Supply your agents with proven technology and services to make video calling a success

24sessions has a track-record in enabling enterprises to successfully rollout video calling.


When you search for suppliers of video calling technology you will find out that there are a lot of options. As an enterprise you're looking for a solid solution that allows you to arm your agent with confidence. Technology cannot be a matter of hoping that it works, it should always work.

This is where 24sessions comes in. Our video calling technology and services are created on an enterprise-grade level. We supply you with solid technology that you can rely on plus the customer success services you need to successfully rollout video calling within your organization. 


Scalable technology

Our technology has already been put to the test several times. With Rabobank (one of the biggest banks in The Netherlands) we have scaled Video Banking to over 5000+, providing agents with training and support


ISO certified

We know security is not optional and the ISO 27001 certification confirms our information security capabilities. This certification emphasizes our focus to provide secure video calls on an enterprise level.


Integrate into your workflows

24sessions provides an out-of-the-box solution, but in case you need more, the options are there. Our Mobile SDK and API allows a technical team to integrate 24sessions elements into your website, Mobile App or to build a whole new experience from scratch.

Through features SAML/SCIM, we simplify federated authentication and authorization processes to easily embed 24sessions into your workflows. 


24sessions empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. SAML/SCIM features

    Simplify federated authentication and authorization processes to embed 24sessions into your workflows.

  2. ISO 27001 certified

    24sessions fully complies to the ISO 27001 certifications.

  3. Scalable architecture & support

    24sessions is scalable to 1000s of users, including (technical) support and international customer success.

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