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Integrated booking system

Embed or share your booking forms to get booked at times that suit you 

Give power to the customers while shortening sales cycles.


Video calls are great, but setting up a meeting can be a big hassle. You have to email back-and-forth to find a date and time that works, set up a video call, send over the join details, create a calendar event and then hope the guest will join at the right time. This all results in agents wasting a lot of time, no shows and frustration within your teams. Agents are spending more time managing their meetings than actually having video calls.

This is where 24sessions comes in. Our integrated meeting scheduler allows your customers to pick a date and time that suits them, booking a meeting straight into your team's agenda. We then make sure customizable confirmation and reminder emails are sent. Plus, we take care of adding the video call to everyone's calendar!


Get booked

24sessions allows you to share or embed beautifully branded booking forms. Customers can use these forms to schedule a video call with your team. Our system then automatically distributes them to the best fitting agent. Want to create even shorter cycles? Imagine switching from a chat conversation, straight into a video call. Or present a button with available agents on your website. With click-to-video customers can initiate a video call without any scheduling involved. The first available agent joins the call.


Integrate with all calendars

24sessions connects with all the major calendars (Office365, Outlook & Google Calendar) to sync availability from the agent' calendar to the 24sessions booking modules and back. This way we remove any double bookings, we add all video calls to the agenda and we make sure reminders are sent to all parties.


Set your availability

Besides connecting personal or team agendas, 24sessions also comes with a dedicated availability module. Availability can be set for the whole company, per team or individual. This ensures that customers and leads can pick the right times when visiting a booking form.


24sessions empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. Booking Forms

    Allow customers to book a video call directly in the agenda of your team. Integrate them on your website or share the form as a link.

  2. Calendar Integrations

    24sessions syncs agendas with all the major calendar brands like Google Calendar, Office365 and Outlook.

  3. Smart Availability

    With smart availability you can set availability per department, group or user. Allow 24sessions to fill agendas in a smarter way.

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