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Learn with every meeting you do

Video call recordings and insights

Gather insights on your video calls, and learn what can be improved to save time, sell more and get happier customers. Discover the benefits >


Businesses that rely on personal contact via phone or face-to-face all encounter the same issue; they have no clue how customers liked the meeting they just had and how to structurally improve it. Teams are flying blind, working with gut feeling instead of data and facts.

What if you could give your customers a voice? What if you could get insights, learnings, and improvements that can take your service to the next level? This is where 24sessions comes in. Our built-in reviews, recordings, and analytics present you the exact data you need to serve your customers better.


Record meetings

Recordings can provide valuable insights into performance, help you with compliance and can be shared with clients or colleagues to rewatch conversations they had with your business. 24sessions allows you to make HD recordings of your video calls. These recordings can be started automatically at the beginning of every meeting, or they can be triggered manually by the users themselves. The recordings are then stored on the 24sessions platform or can be fetched from our API and stored locally on your premise.


Get instant feedback

Client feedback is crucial to train your team and improve your services. After a video call finishes, we allow you to ask feedback questions that rated 1-to-10 stars. These questions can be anything from CSAT, NPS, or business-specific questions. Besides questions that can be rated from 1-to-10 stars, there is also an option to leave additional feedback in an open-ended question.


AI powered insights

With our AI Conversation Intelligence, empower agents to focus on what really matters: building the customer relationship. Not on boring admin jobs or time-consuming compliance tasks. Automatically record and transcribe your video calls. So you can focus on your customer, not on which notes to write down.

Keep track of the compliance of every video call. Automatically detect compliance topics that are discussed and flag topics that are not mentioned. Coach teams more effectively by focussing on the most relevant conversations with highest or lowest satisfaction scores.


24sessions empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. Secure recordings & storage

    24sessions allows you to record meetings in HD quality and store them on our side or locally on premise.

  2. Reviews & reporting

    Gather insights thanks to our review module, which allows customers to leave feedback after every video call.

  3. AI Conversation Intelligence

    Create automated reports through smart transcription, minimize risks across teams by using our compliance tracker and offer effective coaching through call analytics.

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