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Effortless mobile meetings

Allow customers to join via mobile or tablet without any downloads

People suffer from app fatigue; don't make them install another app for single purpose use.


Mobile devices have quickly become the primary device when it comes to a lot of use cases, and video calling is not an exception. FaceTime and Skype are great examples of mobile video calling at it's finest, but when you're looking to have a video call with businesses, those applications are not suited. Downloading an app for single purpose use is a hassle that most customers won't accept. The demand for simple and effortless video calls (as seen on desktops/laptops) is just as important on mobile.

This is where 24sessions comes in. 24sessions makes mobile video calling as effortless as possible. No app downloads or accounts are required, simply click on the link, and you're in a browser-based mobile meeting room!

No Downloads

Frictionless mobile video calls

24sessions is one of the first parties to fully support video calling in Mobile Browser, making joining a video call as effortless as possible without any required downloads.

Any device

Whatever works

Customers don't want to be forced into using a specific device because technically, it's better to do so. When customers are interacting with a business, they want to be able to do so with the device they prefer. Video calling provided by 24sessions can be used on any device, from smartphones to tablets and from laptop to desktop.

Mobile SDK

Integrate into your environment

24sessions provides an out-of-the-box solution, but in case you need more, the options are there. Our Mobile SDK allows a technical team to integrate 24sessions elements into your Mobile App or to build a whole new experience from scratch.


24sessions empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. Mobile browser based

    No need to download a mobile app. 24sessions allows your customer to join mobile video calls using the browser.

  2. Device independent

    Whether your customer is joining via mobile, desktop, tablet or tablet, they can always join the call.

  3. Mobile SDK

    Our mobile SDK allows you to integrate 24sessions into your mobile applications.

Visit our feature overview page and discover the features 24sessions has to offer. Interested in more? Request our full feature page.

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No Downloads

No downloads

24sessions equals effortless video calling without any downloads.

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