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5 key takeaways from Connect19

On June 20, 2019 we organized our annual event Connect19. With 70+ attendees from over 40 different companies, 9 speakers, and insightful Q&A discussions, the event was a real success. 

To see the speakers in action and relive the atmosphere at Connect19, watch our aftermovie:

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A strong day, especially content-wise, touching many different aspects of CX, video and data.
Connect19 attendee

The purpose of this afternoon in June was to share learnings and best practices on how to use video calling to better connect with customers. How to offer this channel to your customers? What technical requirements are essential when selecting video calling software? How to engage employees to create outstanding customer experiences via video? What results does video calling as a new CX channel bring? What are innovations and tech features to look out for in this field? 

These questions were answered by different speakers from Rabobank, Vattenfall Nuon, ING, Genesys and the video calling experts from 24sessions. Throughout the day, some eyeopeners triggered vibrant discussions, resulting in the following 5 takeaways: 

  1. Forget Omnichannel, it's Optichannel
  2. Video calling is a key driver of Rabobank's mission to provide digital convenience for customers
  3. Vattenfall Nuon relieves stress moments through energy scans via video
  4. ING designed video calling booths to equip agents to deliver the best experience
  5. Leverage video calling data through Conversational AI for better experiences and smarter ways of working



1. Forget Omnichannel, it's Optichannel

Stefan Kauck from Genesys taught us that customers are not longing for more channels - they just want more guidance in when to use which channel. This approach is called “opti channel”, referring to the optimal channel for a particular use case. It encourages companies to simplify the experience for customers. Instead of offering more channels and integrating them, as ‘omnichannel’ suggests, the customer experience will benefit from clear guidance to fewer channels — and doing those channels very well.



2. Video banking is a key driver in Rabobank's mission for digital convenience

Marjolein Sengers and José van Zandwijk from Rabobank explained that they integrated video banking into customer journeys because it fits into their mission to offer customers 100% digital convenience.

Rabobank initially offered video banking centrally, but now rolled out to all local branches too. 



3. Vattenfall Nuon relieves stress moments with energy scans via live video

Bram Drewes from Vattenfall Nuon explained that by adding video calls to their customer journey, they could relieve customers of the stress moments when receiving their annual invoice.

By pro-actively servicing customers with useful tips and advice on how to save on their yearly energy bill, Vattenfall managed to increase NPS to +56. 




4. ING: video call booths to equip agents to deliver the best experience

Dirk-Jan Palland from ING shared some inspiring examples of dedicated video call booths in their offices. Their agents are equipped with eye-to-eye camera for video calls, to keep eye-contact with customers at all times. 



5. Leverage video call data through Conversation AI

Konstantin Goncharuk, co-founder and CTO of 24sessions, presented the newest addition to the product: Conversational AI.

By combining data from automatic speech transcripts with data from quality feedback surveys, this new add-on enables you to detect patterns for successful conversations that match pre-set goals — for example, track each video call for compliance rules, script adherence or sales opportunities. 


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