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5 Reasons to use WebRTC for customer interaction

More and more companies have discovered the power of digital, and the value of offering video calls. The next question is: which video call technology to use? Traditional suppliers of video meeting software such as Skype may work for internal meetings, but are not ideal for handling customer interactions. Customer communication needs to be personal, secure and engaging.

Modern tools such as WebRTC have what it takes.

Watch our CTO Konstantin Goncharuk explain the ins and outs of WebRTC in this video:

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What is WebRTC?

Let’s start by explaining shortly what WebRTC is all about. It’s a free, open project which provides real-time communications on both your browsers and mobile applications. More importantly, it’s already automatically integrated and backed by the big giants of the Internet such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. This means that for a WebRTC-based video call, your customers don’t need to download anything or create any accounts. 


How does WebRTC work?

With traditional video call software, all data goes through a centralized server using complicated codes. WebRTC technologies, on the other hand, use a peer-to-peer connection, which means that you and your customer are connected directly without any third party.

And on top of live video connections, you can also use the flexible WebRTC technology for file exchanges, media, and audio communication.


5 reasons to choose WebRTC over other video meeting software  


1. Avoid downloads and installations

Every (online) Customer Engagement solution should focus on putting the customer first. This means that making the customer experience as easy and engaging as possible is key. 24sessions is built on cutting-edge WebRTC technology, which means that you or your customers do not have to download any software. Just open your browser or your laptop or mobile device and you can start video calling.


2. Endless possibilities for integration and customization 

One big advantage of WebRTC is the fact that the tool can be fully integrated and tailored to your specific needs. Would you like to integrate video calling into your own website or app? No problem.

See WebRTC as a building block that can be combined with others to develop exactly what you need. From scheduling to reviews and analytics.


3. Ready to scale 

Unlike traditional online video meeting providers, WebRTC lets browsers communicate directly. This means that it’s much more lightweight and scalable. Its scalable infrastructure provides a professional solution for your company, allowing you to easily increase the number of video calls you're doing with customers.

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4. High quality

Lose those little squares called pixels. Thanks to WebRTC's high-quality video connection, your video calls feel truly personal.

5. Safe and secure communications 

The last but very important benefit of WebRTC is its end-to-end encryption for video calls. Simply put, this means that you and your customer can communicate safely and directly. Its automatic encryption and 'secure connections access only' policy means that WebRTC is secure and complies with all the latest data policies, like GDPR.


Discover video call technology built on WebRTC

All in all, WebRTC has many benefits that can help you provide your customers with the best video call experience.

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 Discover how WebRTC technology can help your business leverage online Customer Engagement

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