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New: Add video-first customer experiences to Amazon Connect

We’re introducing a new integration of 24sessions with Amazon Connect. This new integration enables Amazon Connect users to create the best video-first customer journeys that fit your business workflows too.

The 24sessions for Amazon Connect integration lets you professionalize your video-first customer engagements and adds new capabilities to your omnichannel mix.

Digital channels have become an essential requirement for organizations in 2021. Businesses are becoming increasingly proactive as they increase their digital footprints, continue to launch new digital channels and rethink their channel mix (Gartner, 2021). Video Calling and Co-Browsing can’t be overlooked.


9 ways to elevate your video-first customer experience in Amazon Connect

With the 24sessions for Amazon Connect integration, you elevate your video call experiences for customer contact. Do this through the following 9 features:

  1. Support your workflow
    Offer customers a video call at the right time. 24s for Amazon connect enables you to embed video calls in 3 workflows: click-to-call, escalation from chat or phone, and scheduled video calls. 

  2. Value-based routing
    What if one type of video meeting asks for faster follow-up by your agents, represents higher business value, or requires a certain expert’s specialist advice? Our integration includes value-based routing, which ensures your agents prioritize client meetings based on value.

    Amazon connect 24sessions demo

  3. Screen sharing and co-browsing
    Get rid of miscommunications and help customers understand how to use your product or service by sharing your screen or even escalating to a co-browsing session.

    Like to learn more? Download our free 24s + Amazon Solution Overview >

  4. Fully mobile capable meeting room
    Create the ultimate convenience for both customer and agent by allowing video calls on all devices, including mobile, without installing an app.

  5. Configurations per meeting type
    Do you offer video calls for various services that each require their own journey and workflow settings? No problem, our integration is organized in such a way that you create separate meeting types. Make configurations for meeting duration, agent routing rules, recording settings, review questions, branding etc.

    Amazon connect 24sessions

  6. Configurable recordings
    When you offer video calls across your services, each requiring different recording settings for compliance reasons, our integration is what you need. Control all recording settings in one place, and ensure you record the right meeting types.

  7. Reviews
    Bring your customer meetings to the next level by learning from every meeting you have. Ask custom review questions right after your session ends.

    Like to learn more? Download our free 24s + Amazon Solution Overview >

  8. AI & Conversation intelligence
    Conversation Intelligence uses AI to help agents save time and improve their customer meetings. Automatically record and transcribe video calls, and get insights to analyse & improve your conversations with customers.

  9. Out-of-the-box and customizable
    All our features and add-ons are instantly available out of the box. No coding required. But if you do want to go deeper, we also offer an API integration and several configuration options.


Like to know more?

To learn more about 24sessions for Amazon Connect, head to our Amazon Connect partner page >


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