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The Benefits of using video technology made for Customer Engagement

Are you looking to start offering your clients remote video calls? Great! CX video calling brings proven results for customer interaction. But if you’re thinking ‘I already have an internal tool for video conferencing installed, we could simply use that for our customers too’... Hold your horses. 

Technology for video meetings is not one size fits all. Talking to customers via video is an entirely different use case than having a video call with colleagues via Zoom, Webex or Teams. 

If you want to offer clients live video calls, you need a video technology built for customer interaction on top of your internal meeting solution. A CX video solution built for customer engagement offers tailored benefits for your customers and CX. Discover those benefits here.



Benefits for the Customer Journey of using CX video technology

1. Create video call customer journeys based on your customers’ needs, not your technology’s limits

If you want to make any digital transformation initiative successful, the most important goal is to improve the customer experience. So you need to start drafting a customer journey based on your customers’ needs.

Since a domain video solution is built for customer interaction specifically, it helps you achieve just that -  to offer video calling based on the optimal customer journey, instead of the technological limitations of the internal meeting solution that you’re already using.



In other words, a video call technology built for customer interaction allows you to give your clients the best possible experience across the entire customer journey. When we sit down with clients at 24sessions to determine for which customer journeys CX video calling will add most value (and at which points in those journeys), we split the customer journey in 3 parts.

The 3 constituent parts of the video call customer journey are:

  • Pre video call: the customer journey before booking and starting the call
  • During the video call: starting when your customer enters the video meeting
  • Post video call: immediately and somewhat longer after the video call has ended



2. Pre video call: integrate a booking module, so customers can schedule a branded video call

Before the video call starts or is scheduled, can you offer a booking module or a click-to-video option integrated with your CRM? Or that is synchronised with the agent's availability? And can you show your own branding consistently at every step of the booking process?

  • Integrate & synchronize

The first major benefit of using a CX video call technology, is that it allows you to integrate your Contact Center or CRM solution with a custom booking module. This way, the CX technology helps you to plan and control the video interactions with your customers. 

Pre-meeting step 1


You can integrate a booking link on your website. Or you allow customers to engage with you instantly via click-to-call, or a chat enabled with video call escalation. There’s even the option to synchronize with agents’ or advisors’ calendars, so that the booking module automatically only shows time slots when your employees are available. It means your customers get to book a video call directly from your website or other digital channels - both days or weeks ahead, and ad hoc with click-to-video. 

  • Offer a branded experience

On top of that, the option to add a link to schedule a video call to your own website, helps you create a trusted experience for clients - they see your branding while booking an appointment on your domain. You can also extend the branded experience to automated communication, like a custom confirmation email or an SMS reminder before the video call starts.

  • The Benefit compared to Zoom or Teams

When using a foundational meeting solution like Zoom or Teams, on the other hand, such an integrated & branded customer experience is not part of the package. You could build or booking module yourself, or embed a work-around solution with the help of an SDK. But how will you facilitate instant click-to-video with agent routing included?




3. During the call: offer a one-click experience built for interacting with customers, not colleagues

Today’s consumers are used to convenient, one-click experiences.

Even if you build your own back-end or CRM integration, after a video meeting has been scheduled, 2 major questions remain:
 👉 How will you ensure that customers easily start the video call, if you’re asking them to download an app or install software?
 👉 Can you ensure that all of your customers can join the video call - regardless of how tech savvy they are, or what device they’re on?

  • One click to start the video call

The third benefit of using a CX solution for video calling, is that customers can join the video call via a one-click link from any device. You’re not requiring them to install any software, which would have implied an extra, unnecessary step (one which might pose even more unnecessary hurdles).

Most importantly, these hurdles arise from the fact that you can’t control the download step. Your customer is the one who has to take the action of installing, but you have no way of knowing if they’ve succeeded until the scheduled time of the video call. You don’t know if your customers are tech savvy enough to install an application, maybe their device is not apt or authorized to have an app installed, or they’re downloading on mobile and get stuck in the process of creating an account. 



  • Automated messages & support to guide your customer

Does your internal meeting solution offer a fast, automated process to onboard customers on the video call and give support if they run into technical issues?

With a specialized CX technology like 24sessions, customers join a video call by clicking the access link that they automatically receive in their inbox. They go through a quick camera and sound check and that’s it. If they do somehow get stuck while trying to join the video call, a support bot prompts automatically to guide them through the process.

 Optimizing the Customer Experience
Your goal in designing the best video call customer journey is probably to match the perfectly easy experiences that customers receive everywhere else online. The 2 basic tenets of an optimized Customer Experience are:

1. Offer your customers the same quality & service across channels
2. Minimize the number of actions required of your customer to reach their goal



4. Post video call benefits: instantly collect client feedback & data to track your KPIs

Coming to the last phase in the video call customer journey: the fourth benefit of a CX video solution is that the technology actually allows you to bring the customer journey to a full circle, in a consistent user experience.

  • A soft landing

After the video call finishes, can you ask for feedback instantly? And redirect customers to one of your own website pages or documents?

You get to control where you lead your customers after the video call has ended with 24sessions. For example, you can ask them for immediate feedback, resulting in high response rates and reliable review data. Plus, a custom redirect allows you to always have clients land on your own channels again - a landing page, another page on your website, or a document.

  • Track results & KPIs to increase business intelligence & keep improving your video calls

Does your internal meeting solution allow you to track customer satisfaction on video meetings with clients? Can you set your own specific KPIs to measure - like NPS, CSAT, average meeting duration, conversion rates? And do you get insights in those metrics split per team, department or type of client meeting - like satisfaction scores on a mortgage application via video compared to an investment call?

A CX video technology like 24sessions offers secure data on the technical quality of your video calls and the performance of your team members. You can set KPIs or other goal metrics, and measure how agents & advisors are tracking.

  • Automatically record meetings & easily search smart reports

On top of it all, you can choose to record audio and/or video recordings in a video solution built for CX - great for compliance. And it's even possible to use AI to make your compliance and administrative tasks much more efficient after a video call with a client. For example, receive a smart AI-powered transcript of your conversation, that is easily searchable based on keywords.

With an internal meeting solution like Teams, Webex or Zoom, these features are not impossible to add, but you would have to develop & maintain them yourself. And you would have to make sure to keep data on client meetings strictly separate from that on internal meetings with colleagues.


Like to learn more about video call technology made for CX?
Using your internal Video Conferencing software for video calling with customers comes with shortcomings & risks.

Download our case study with 3 clients to discover those 5 risks - and the results gained by using Video Calling technology built for Customer Contact:


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