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Nuon brings their customer service to the next level

Have you ever experienced a sudden blackout? Or an unstoppable water leakage, hoping that the customer service of your energy provider would send help immediately? Our partner, Nuon Energy, who is a key player in providing electricity, gas, and heat in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, decided to advance their customer service by implementing our video chat technology to solve these issues faster. In the video above you can see Hugh, our Customer Success Manager,  in action when he helps the company onboard, train and implement this new way of working.

Inefficient communication channels can get expensive

According to Nuon, in 7-8% of the reported failures, mechanics are wasting time visiting the customer as the failure isn’t caused by their system but by the combination of a customer’s faulty system or miscommunication. During phone calls customers often can’t judge the situation correctly while agents are unable to visualize it for themselves. This leads to around 1,000 unnecessary visits a year at Nuon Heat only, all of which are adding up to sky-high expenses.

Live video advice saves costs

In case of a major leakage, Nuon sends a mechanic to troubleshoot immediately. But less urgent cases are first discussed via our live video chat. This helps the Nuon agents to recognise when a visit is necessary or when the issue can be solved simply by guiding the customer through the utility room only with a smartphone. The customer receives an instant email and a text message with a login code that establishes the video connection between the customer’s mobile device and Nuon. The customer is then able to share the situation via a live video chat and the agents can reach a better judgement of whether a costly mechanic is needed or not.

Success of Nuon's customer service

Customers especially value the seamless experience of booking Nuon’s agents online and receiving SMS with an access code to the video chat room .. which is only a step away from getting help.

“Perfect, this will eliminate a lot of unnecessary actions” ?

This led Nuon to choose 24sessions as a strategic partner to save time, lower expenses and increase customer satisfaction.

If you want to hear more about this case and how it could work for you, contact our Customer Success Manager Hugh.

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