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Health insurer CZ launches video calling for business clients

We're happy to announce a new customer! Dutch health insurer CZ now offers its B2B clients video calling through 24sessions.



CZ is one of the ‘big four’ health insurance providers in The Netherlands. With 3.6 million clients, the CZ group holds a total market share of 20%. Apart from individual B2C customers, the health insurer also works with companies and B2B clients to provide collective business insurance.

CZ has launched video calling for its business clients. Employers offering, or looking to offer, a collective insurance scheme now book a video call with an insurance advisor directly from the CZ website. They are then sent a unique link to talk to a B2B advisor through 24sessions.

Team Lead for Business clients at CZ, Evi Levels, about the choice to launch video calling:

“Video calling is easy to use for our B2B clients. And because 24sessions allows us to customize the customer journey - with our own logo and domain - we can create a trusted experience. The booking forms make it really easy for us to actively promote video calling as a new channel on our website and in relevant campaigns."


Benefits of video calling for B2B insurance


Video calling - or ‘beeldbellen’ - allows CZ’s advisors to save time and better serve business clients. Advisors previously visited B2B accounts in person. But by cutting travel time with video calls, the same amount of advisors now serve more clients. 

Plus, by actively offering video calls on the website, CZ makes it easier for B2B clients to talk to an advisor personally - also during the pandemic. Video calling makes for a more personal channel than phone calls. And thanks to screen sharing it’s easier to explain complex topics than during a physical meeting. 


Video calling fits within CZ’s 2025 strategy to focus on digitization and innovation - where two major strategic goals are online convenience and personal service. The results so far are very promising: after an 8-month pilot, clients rate video calls with an average score of 9.1/10, and video calling receives an impressive +62 NPS rating. 

"We are a data-driven organization, so it’s great we can also measure how we’re tracking on our video calling KPIs with 24sessions.”

Evi Levels, Team Lead Business at CZ


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