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News: enlarging our European footprint with a French office

Time to make it official: we have opened our first regional office in Paris and are ready to enter the Southern European market! Over the last year, 24sessions has seen a growth of over 100%. By opening a new office in France we aim to further cement our commitment to becoming the European market leader in video calling for customer interaction.

CEO Rutger Teunissen says it’s the right timing for 24sessions to move into the South EMEA market:

Over the past year, we have signed our first Southern European clients. Opening an office in Paris is the logical next step to strengthen our position in that market and to better serve our clients in France, Spain and Italy.”  


For this southern expansion, we have tapped Paris-based Ricardo Roman to lead the sales efforts and help grow our presence in South EMEA. Ricardo possesses extensive experience in SaaS, financial services and video technology. Together with his love for creating the best customer experience, this makes him a great and influential colleague for us to add to the team.

Ricardo, new Sales Director of South EMEA, about this market:

France, Spain and Italy constitute very mature markets, where human contact is highly valued. Companies are looking for ways to digitize while at the same time maintaining personal relationships, since personal is a core value for this region. The technology and experience in customer interaction that 24sessions brings perfectly match these demands.” 

A growing demand for video calling technology

Since opening our doors in 2016, 24sessions has seen triple digit growth each year. This traction shows there is a growing demand for video calling with customers. The market for video communication platforms in EMEA has been forecasted by IDC to grow to $2.3 billion in 2022, and especially the financial sector forms a major opportunity. 

  • In banking, over 90% of customer interactions have now shifted to digital channels (Accenture 2019), while on the other hand, 87% of customers say they are not ready for an entirely human-less bank (McKinsey 2017);
  • 80% of financial institutions are already offering video calls to customers, or plan to offer video banking in the near future (The Financial Brand 2018).

These trends show that consumers are asking for digital convenience and personal contact in communications at the same time. By offering video calls for interacting to customers, companies can meet this need.

Following our launch into South EMEA, you can now also visit our website in French 🇫🇷


About 24sessions

The technology of 24sessions is being used by large banks and service providers such as Rabobank, Vattenfall and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, so they can offer video calling as a new channel for customer interaction. Thanks to video calling, these corporates are able to provide personal customer contact whilst closing branches and digitizing services. What sets 24sessions apart from other enterprise video conferencing tools is that it takes just 1 click to join a video call. There are no downloads required; customers can join the call from any mobile or desktop device.



More information

To request the official press release, or for more information about this announcement, please contact Lisanne Buisman (Inbound Marketer).

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