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New: improving group video calls with Grid View

It’s great to see your customer in a full, focused view while you’re on a 1-on-1 video call with them, right? True, but what if you have a video call with 2 or more clients?

To improve group video calls in 24sessions we’re introducing a new view: Grid View, now live in beta. Discover the benefits of our new grid view here 👇

What is a Grid View?
Why are we releasing Grid View?


Improving group video calls Part I: Grid View


What is a grid view, actually? During a video call with more than 2 participants, a grid view splits the main video screen between all participants - as opposed to the default focused view for 1-on-1 calls. 

The grid view shows the screens of several participants in a grid, so you see everyone on the video call at the same time:

Grid view example in video call

And this is what the alternative looks like: Focused View, the default view for 1-on-1 video calls:

Focused view example video call_v2

Our new Grid View is part of the improvements we’re currently making to support video calls with multiple participants. How does Grid view help?


Why are we releasing Grid View now?

We’ve seen the number of group video calls through 24sessions increase over the past 12 months. Our top priority is to enable high-quality conversations for customer engagement. For a 1-on-1 conversation with a customer, the focused view delivers the best user experience for the agent and the end customer alike.

But to support video calls with more than 2 participants, we have been developing several improvements - and Grid View is a part of those.

An essential criterion for group video calls is to handle the video streams of all participants simultaneously. That’s why we’ve optimized 24sessions to intelligently show a higher or lower quality video based on the available bandwidth and the selected view. 

The new grid view allows the video streams of several participants to be shown at the same time. And what’s unique about this implementation is that thanks to our SFU technology, the 24sessions grid view uses less bandwidth and CPU than most WebRTC applications.

To sum it all up - our Grid View gives you higher-quality and more stable group video calls.


Using the new Grid View

Grid view is now live in beta for video calls with 3 or more participants (i.e. consisting of 1 agent with 2 or more customers). So how to select the grid view?

When you’re on a video call with multiple participants in 24sessions, your default view is always set to focused view (1-on-1). But if you go to the top right of the main video screen, you can select Grid View here:

Select grid view-screenshot


Currently, the grid view shows a maximum of 9 participants on one screen and works on desktop only.



Benefits of better group video calls

Grid View and our other improvements to group video calls benefit many different use cases:

  • During a mortgage advice call, the advisor can interact naturally with both partners of the same couple (or even with multiple family members) - also if they are at different physical locations 
  • B2B account management or sales reps easily discuss a new product or contract terms with different business owners and/or if they’re working remotely
  • For governmental organisations: representatives from other organisations involved can also take part in video calls with citizens. For example, employees can interact both with the citizen and a social worker, technical inspector or a debt counselor at the same time - without having to switch between screens.


Hungry for more features?

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