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How to successfully grow video customer contact with our Growth Model

When you’re new to video calling with customers, it can be a challenge to roll it out the right way. That’s why we have created a model to help organizations successfully implement and scale video calling as a new customer contact channel - the 24sessions Video CX Growth Model.

On podcast episode 4, we talk to 24sessions Head of Customer Success Pieter Boon about the Growth Model. What are his most valuable tips for companies looking to start with video customer contact, or to scale video calling as a customer contact channel? Watch, listen or read on to learn the Video Call Growth Model’s main ingredients for success 👇


Our Growth Model for video customer interaction in short


Successfully rolling out video customer contact involves much more than just implementing technology. In the end, it’s about achieving business goals - creating business impact for your organization as a whole, in the long term. 

To create long-lasting business impact, the basis of our Growth Model is driving performance and adoption of video calling.

  1. Adoption - making sure your new customer contact technology is being used by agents and customers
  2. Performance - seeing that the tech is rightly integrated in your existing IT ecosystem and omnichannel customer engagement solution. 


The 2 pillars of success each break down into several Growth Factors - factors that you need to develop in order to make video customer interaction a success, like IT architecture, agent training or marketing.

On the podcast, we cover the 3 most important Growth Factors for two types of organizations:

a) Organizations rolling out video calling as a beginner, and

b) More experienced organizations looking to scale video customer contact.


Beginning. Where to start if you're rolling out video calling as a new CX channel


If you’re new to implementing video calling as a customer contact channel, where do you start?

Growth Factor 1: Stakeholders

Gather all relevant stakeholders into a project group around video customer contact. Bring together a multifunctional project group:

  • Secure sponsorship for rolling out video calling from your board, C-suite and higher management

  • Get the right IT job titles on board 

  • Involve all stakeholders from the business side (the business manager, agents who will be video calling)

And appoint a dedicated project lead - whose full time job will be to manage the rollout of video calling for 6-24 months.



Growth Factor 2: Customer proposition

Crucial to actually creating value with video calls for both the business and customers - choose the right use case for video calling

  • For what type of customer conversations can video bring business value?

  • What specific value would video calls bring to those customer conversations?

There are many KPIs and results that video calling improves. For example - will video customer contact give you speed (in a mortgage consult use case), more frequent touch points (e.g. in a personal banking or wealth management use case). 



Growth Factor 3: Customer journey

Make sure you integrate video calling in the customer journey the right way - with a smooth Customer Experience, at entry points where it makes sense for customers to start a video call with you. 

2 rules of thumb:

  • A video call is not for every type of customer interaction

Save video for those moments in the Customer Journey that involve more complex or highly personal conversations - e.g. a mortgage consult or discussing a personal injuries claim in insurance.

  • Embed video calls in your customer journey with care

Consider how you want customers to initiate a video interaction with you - via a booking form, a click-to-call button, directly from your mobile app?



Scaling. What to consider when scaling video customer interaction


What if you’re experienced with video customer contact and want to scale video calling as a CX channel - to more use cases, products, agents? What growth factors do you need to focus on?

Growth Factor 1: IT Architecture

Before you start scaling up video calls as a major customer contact channel, check that your IT foundations are right.

  • Do a hygiene check

Can you host the video calling technology on your own domain - for extra security? Can you embed video interactions in your front-end, e.g. by integrating a booking form on your website, or hosting video calls in your mobile app?

  • Determine how video calling fits in your existing IT architecture

What does your current IT architecture for customer contact look like - in terms of different CX technologies, CRM tooling, data dashboards, and other customer interaction channels?

Then ask yourself where the video calling technology will live as a capability, embedded in that existing IT ecosystem.



Growth Factor 2: Marketing

Once video calling is set up on the IT side, you can start broadcasting with Marketing campaigns. 

As a growth factor for scaling video customer contact, Marketing allows you to make video fully visible as a new contact channel to your (potential) customers and drive traffic. That helps you to generate more volume in video calls with customers.


Growth Factor 3: Software & Adoption

Lastly, optimize your internal technological adoption. Check if you can make better use of the capabilities of your video customer contact technology.

  • Are you using all available features for an optimal video experience?

    For example, are your argents using video call features like screen sharing or co-browsing? Are you making optimal use of the reporting & recording feature the video technology offers?

  • Do you have the right configurations set up for each different type of video conversation?

  • Update your requirements for a customer contact solution

What would make the Agent and Customer Experience for video calling even better? Look critically at your vendor and ask them to for tips on how to improve your video calls, or for new features.




What can you learn from others about video calling? 4 common pitfalls

Other organisations have rolled out and scaled video calling as a customer contact channel before you. What can you learn from their mistakes? The 4 most common pitfalls in scaling video calling:

  1. DON'T scale up video customer contact as a standalone solution, without integrating in your own front-end, architecture or website.

Curious about the 3 other common pitfalls? 
Click here to listen to the full podcast episode >

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