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Key integrations to seamlessly fit 24sessions into your workflows

It can be hard to create long-lasting business value from technology for Customer Engagement if you’re using it as a standalone solution. Without integrating, you lack control over agent workflows and business insights.

But if you choose to work with a video chat platform that integrates with your organisation’s broader architecture, you open up benefits for the business, IT and agents alike. With a Customer Engagement suite that has been built for embedding with core CRM and business tools, you’re able to make workflows more efficient and compliant, and collect valuable business insights.

In this blog, learn the key ways in which 24sessions' video call technology fits into your workflows. 

1. Core integrations
2. Strategic integrations
     📊 Data visualization
3. Integrations with leading CRM & CC systems
4. Benefits of integrating
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Ways to integrate video-first customer interaction in your IT ecosystem


Core integrations

Make a solid start with video customer engagement by adding these core integrations to your workflows.

1. Single sign-on (SSO)
Enable an SSO integration and allow agents to access our video call platform without having to enter separate user credentials.

2. User federation (SCIM)
Communicate user identity data seamlessly across multiple suppliers from one central location. Connect 24sessions with your user federation tooling to keep user management (profiles, permissions, and groups) maintainable, free of errors and secure.

3. Custom domain
For our browser-based customer interactions, choose your own secure and custom domain to host video calls on.

4. Custom email sender
Send emails with information about an upcoming video call or feedback on a past call from an email address of your choice.

5. Calendar integration
Connect 24sessions with your Outlook or Google calendar to have every new appointment with a customer added to agents’ calendars automatically. And if you have a booking form integrated on your website too, it will synchronize with your team’s availability - showing only times when agents are actually available.



Strategic integrations

Connect with more mature integrations to further streamline your workflows, and hit business goals.

6. Booking form integration

Integrate an online booking form on your website, app or client portal - with our out-of-the-box widget. That way customers can book an appointment themselves, and your Calendar or CRM integration will route it to the first available or best-fit agent - automatically syncing all customer data with the new appointment.

You can also choose to build your own front-end on top of our Booking API integration, like our client Vattenfall :


7. Notifications

Send an automated notification via email or SMS with the contents of your preference, and based on your own triggers.

8. Meeting overview for Agents

Embed an overview of upcoming video appointments in your agents CRM, Contact Center or calendar tooling - in other words, the environment they’re already using for managing customer meetings. 

9. Meeting overview for Customers

Another option is to integrate an overview of upcoming video appointments in customers’ login environment, e.g. their personal login portal or a banking application.

This is how Belgian insurer Helan has integrated the invite link to a video call in their client portal:



“24sessions’ integration possibilities are simple and strong. Other vendors are expensive to integrate with, but the 24sessions API came at a very competitive price.”
Vanessa Verlé, Business Application Owner at health insurer Helan's Digital Transformation Team


10. Embedded meeting room

Schedule, start and log video interactions on your own CRM or Customer Engagement platform, so agents have a video call from the environment they’re already working in. That way you boost agency efficiency by speeding up agent workflows, and collect all data for a complete & consistent 360-degree view of customers. 

To make for a smooth Customer Journey, you can also embed video calls themselves on your website, app or client portal.

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11. Text chat to video

Allow agents who are already in contact with a client via text chat, to escalate to a more context-rich channel - by inviting the customer for an instant video call. Great for chat conversations that turn out to be complex, urgent support questions, or high-value sales queries.

12. Instant click-to-call

Integrate a button on your website, client portal or app for customers to request an instant video call with the first available agent. Offer click-to-call with our out-of-the-box embedded widget, or build your own front-end on top of our click-to-call integration. 

13. Data visualisation 

Visualise data on 24sessions video calls by integrating with Tableau or other Business Intelligence tooling. So you can easily sync and compare with other incoming customer data, and create one central overview of your video call KPIs and performance.



Integrations with leading CRM & Contact Center systems

Our customer interaction technology integrates seamlessly with leading enterprise CRM systems, engagement platforms and Contact Center solutions. Add 24sessions to your omnichannel mix and configure every video call journey to fit both the agent’s and the customer’s workflows. 

14. Genesys Cloud

Have agents interact with customers directly from your Genesys environment. Thanks to our Genesys Cloud integration, agents either start an instant video interaction via click-to-call or a chat escalation, or they have a scheduled 24sessions video call in 1 click from within Genesys.

15. Salesforce

Enable your agents to better serve customers and drive more sales by integrating personal, visual interactions into their Salesforce workflows. With rich video calls, co-browsing and screen sharing, agents as well as customers start the interaction in a way that fits their digital journey.


Benefits of integrating video-first interactions into your workflows

By integrating technology for video customer contact into your full tech stack, you create benefits for the business, IT, your agents and customers.

Streamlined and compliant processes. A fully embedded solution not only makes your workflows more efficient, but also helps to meet security standards and stay compliant.

More intuitive and efficient agent experience. With full embedding in your CRM, agents can schedule, start and log any customer interaction from the same environment they’re already working in. This speeds up their workflows and enhances adoption of video calling.

Connect the dots in your data. By connecting 24sessions with your main Business Intelligence tooling, you keep one central overview of data. It allows you to compare video calling with other channels, for example, and generate exactly those business insights you need.

And don't just take our word for it. In this video, our client and Belgian health insurer Helan explains the 3 benefits of integrating your video call solution early in the rollout phase:

HubSpot Video


Free download: Integrations kit

Learn from other organisations. Download our free Integrations kit to see how clients like Rabobank, Partena and Vattenfall have integrated video customer contact in their IT workflows 👇



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