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Hurray, we’re ISO 27001 certified!

ISO 27001

We recently received our ISO 27001 certification and we’re really proud of this. We know security is not optional and the ISO 27001 certification confirms our information security capabilities. This certification also strengthens our position as an enterprise-grade player.

We’re particularly proud of the fact that the independent auditor stated that 24sessions is 'Years ahead of where young software companies typically are in terms of maturity of the ISMS (Information Security Management System) and security by design'.

We are serious about security

Our ISO 27001 certification applies to the entire company from development, hosting and project management to our customer success services and support.

At 24sessions, we believe that high security is a mandatory requirement when it comes to both our customer interactions and our internal team that builds and ensures the implementation of our product across customers' locations.

All our data storages use industry-level encryption to ensure safety of the data. Additionally, all data and media streams used inside our video-chat are end-to-end encrypted which guarantees that only meeting participants can access them.

Besides that, we keep 24sessions team-aware and up-to-date with recent security developments. We provide ongoing security trainings to make sure that the topic of security is always a priority.

- Konstantin Goncharuk, CTO at 24sessions

Continuous improvement for maintaining the ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 provides a very elaborate information security framework for every aspect of a business, based on a Plan - Do - Check - Act cycle. This iterative process is designed to drive continuous improvement of the ISMS. The certification is a 3-year cycle with audits in between, to ensure we’re operating and maintaining the ISMS.

Find out more about how our product ensures secure and safe video meetings.

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