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Top 6 video call KPIs and their results in 2021

The only way to know if you're generating business value with video calling, is to measure your video call results. 

Luckily, video call technology made for Customer Engagement allows you to measure and segment insights on video calls – on KPIs like the number of calls, average duration, advisor satisfaction, conversion, NPS and CSAT scores. In 2021, our clients happily used our dynamic Data Dashboard to get insights into their team’s video call performance.

In this blog, learn about the top 6 KPIs that our clients measure their video call results with 👇

Core video call KPIs ⭐
1. Number of completed video calls
2. Average duration
3. Customer satisfaction
4. Peak times
5. Lead time
6. Agent satisfaction
More. Segmented video call insights 📊


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Core KPIs for Video Customer Engagement

24sessions comes with a default data dashboard for all clients, which shows real-time insights on these core video call metrics.

1. Number of video calls completed

The first thing you want to know is how many video calls you’re actually doing per week, or month. That way, you can track the volume of customer engagement per channel - e.g. compare the number of video interactions with email, chat, telephone and physical meetings.

Apart from the total number of video calls completed, you might also want to get insights into the number of video calls per team or advisor, so you can motivate teams more to start adopting video customer contact. The 24sessions dashboard allows you to filter the number of calls not only for a custom time range, but also per user or group of users.

In 2021, our clients did a total of at least hundreds of thousands video calls (and we’re not even sharing the real number... 🎁).



2. Average duration

Video calls take
30% less time on average than physical meetings, while Customer Satisfaction and NPS scores remain high. End customers value the convenience of saving travel time and being more efficient thanks to the visual support of screen sharing and co-browsing.

For some of our clients, video appointments are even up to 50% shorter, like for Dutch bank Rabobank and for Belgian health insurer Partena:



3. Customer satisfaction: review scores

You want to know if customers are satisfied with video calls, and you want to measure satisfaction when you are still top of mind.

That’s why 24sessions allows you to ask 3 custom review questions right after the video call finishes, so you can track performance of your own qualitative KPIs. The most asked questions by our clients are NPS-related – for example ‘How would you rate this video call?’ or ‘How likely are you to recommend our video service to a friend?’.

And the results could be worse: in 2021, the average Customer Satisfaction score all our customers received for their video calls was a stunning 9.5 out of 10 ⭐️



4. Peak times

Timing is everything. You want to have the right amount of advisors with the right expertise available when customers need them. That means you need insights in the most popular time slots per hour, day and week.

Our video call data teach us that popular peak times for video calls are 9-10 am in the morning 🕙 


5. Lead time 

Lead time measures the average number of days between scheduling the video call and completing it.

It’s another important timing KPI, because a major benefit that consumers mention about video calling, is that there’s more availability - i.e. they can book a video appointment faster than in-branch. At Rabobank, for example, 55% of customers are able to have their mortgage consultation within 3 days of booking it!



6. Agent satisfaction

The right video call technology should also make your agents’ jobs easier and more efficient. When advisors finish a 24sessions video call, they also get asked to review the quality of the video connection.

And our clients’ agents are happy video callers ❤️ The average agent satisfaction score in 2021 was a 4,7 out of 5.



Segmented video call data

Moreover, as a solution specializing in Customer Engagement, 24sessions also allows you to segment video call data:

  • Based on different types of services, e.g. mortgage advice versus a wealth management conversation
  • Based on the source of the video call: a scheduled appointment or an instant video call request
  • Per advisor or team of advisors

Such segmented data per meeting type generates even more accurate and actionable insights. For one of our banking clients, for example, segmenting popular time slots on Private Banking conversations specifically shows that peak hours are just after 9-5, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 6 pm.

Plus, thanks to data segmentation you can choose to offer value-based routing for specific meeting types on high-value products, or reserve video call requests on more complex topics for advisors with a specific expertise.

TIP 💡 Popular video conferencing tools like Teams or Zoom do NOT automatically give video call insights segmented per meeting type. Discover more benefits of video call technology made for Customer Engagement here >


More about our data dashboard

Like to know more about the Data Dashboard, reporting and recording options in 24sessions? Check out our page on video call insights here >  

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