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Menzis first health insurer to launch video calling for B2C customers

We’re proud to share a new collaboration! Menzis is the first Dutch health insurer to offer its customers video calling via 24sessions. For personal or complex questions, Menzis clients now have the option to schedule a video call with an agent.

Health insurer Menzis has launched video calling as a new channel for interacting with customers. Clients now schedule a video call with a Menzis service agent about more complex or personal health care topics. The health insurer offers video calls to give remote advice about a wide range of topics, from the insurance policy, compensations, health care treatments, to assistance abroad, district nursing and a healthy lifestyle. Topics which are harder to solve via chat, email or over the phone.

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Menzis is one of the ‘big four’ health insurance providers in The Netherlands - providing insurances for basic, supplementary and dental health care. Its 1,500 employees serve over 2.2 million clients.

An important aim is to increase convenience for customers, by giving them more contact options.

“Video calling allows us to give more attention to those questions that ask for a more personal approach. Contact via video is very personal for our customers, and convenient too. They can contact one of our agents at a time when it best suits them - without having to leave their homes. In times of corona that's an extra convenient benefit."

Marieke Fieten, Director of Customer & Operations


The value of video calling for health insurance

Video calling allows Menzis to interact with health insurance clients in a more personal way, and to take on a bigger, more proactive role as advisor. The health insurer now actively offers video calling as a contact option on the website, so clients can easily schedule a video call themselves. 


Moreover, the benefit of video calling for B2C insurance is that it’s very personal - the agent and the client can see each other’s facial expressions. Conversations about a health issue or compensation for a hospital treatment can be emotional and quite complex, requiring a more personal channel than telephone calls. All video calls are securely encrypted, and thanks to screen sharing, it’s easier to explain more complex topics to clients.

“We believe video calling brings great added value to our customers in the case of personal or complex issues. It enables us to offer an on-demand digital service that is at the same time personal and tailored to the customer’s situation - which is exactly the goal of our new vision on customer interaction. We’re now investigating if we will permanently add video to our service channels."

Edwin Vermaat, Project manager Customer & Innovation @ Menzis 

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24sessions provides the technology for Menzis' new video call journey - including the integrated booking form, automated emails and smart meeting insights.
We feel proud to be able to contribute to Menzis' important mission to personalize customer engagement in the health insurance market!


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