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Dutch notaries NICO Notarissen launch digital signing with Evidos & 24sessions

Consumers increasingly prefer (and need) online channels, also for filling out and signing official documents. And this year even the more traditional industries have started digitizing faster, like notary firms. Dutch NICO Notarissen is answering these digital developments with a solution for online identification and digital signing, developed together with Evidos and 24sessions. And the first official NICO Notarissen deed has now been signed digitally!

NICO Notarissen is a national alliance of 15 of The Netherlands’ larger notary firms. It brings together a total of 200 notaries, who create added value and increase their commercial impact by joining forces.

Secure digital identification and signing
Clients of affiliated notaries can now sign a proxy 100% digitally. This proxy is then used by the notary to sign the official deed. Clients first identify online, then a live video connection powered by 24sessions securely connects them with their notary during signing. Which means that clients no longer need to be physically present at a notary office, saving loads of travel time. 

NICO Notarissen started a collaboration with Evidos and 24sessions. Evidos is responsible for the identification and signature capability; 24sessions provides the secure video connection between the client and the notary. 

NICO Notarissen’s Managing Director Otto van de Vliet about this new solution:

"We started offering digital signing a couple of months ago with 4 notary firms that are part of the NICO Notarissen alliance. In the coming period we will be rolling out the solution to more offices.”


Added value of digital signing

With their new, 100% digital process, NICO Notarissen are introducing a big innovation in the notary world. The combination of online identification and digital signing is what makes the customer's experience complete. This way, notaries are now able to create a fully digital customer journey.

Digital signing is not only a solution amid social distancing and quarantine measures, but is here to stay after the corona crisis. Compared to in-person appointments at physical offices, digital identification and signing bring much value - both to business clients and to private customers. 

Many of NICO Notarissen’s business clients can win travel time and speed up legal processes, for example when handling international deals: legal documents can now be sent and signed digitally, instead of by (air) mail. 

For private clients, too, digital signing helps save precious travel time. Moreover, the new solution allows clients to sign documents from the comfort of their own homes, and still makes signing possible in a safe way amidst measures against the corona pandemic.

The notaries themselves also benefit from the remote signing solution. They previously served mostly clients in the region, based on travel time to their physical office. With digital signing, however, notaries can expand their client base. “It no longer matters if a client lives around the corner, or on the other side of the country,” Van de Vliet explains.

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About 24sessions’ video platform

24sessions provides a video platform for customer contact. Our platform also includes a module for booking appointments online. With this booking module clients can plan a meeting with their notary themselves. 

And our technology is 100% secure. We are ISO 27001 certified and fully compliant with GDPR (AVG). The video connection between the notary and the client is secured using end-to-end encryption. That means third parties are unable to listen into client conversations. On top of that, all video calls are hosted on the notaries’ own secure website domain.

We are proud to serve major Dutch banks and insurers - amongst which Achmea, Rabobank, SNS - but also count among our clients the city of Utrecht, Vattenfall and VodafoneZiggo.


Like to know more about engaging customers digitally?

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