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Qredits launches business loan applications via video

We're proudly sharing the news of our collaboration with Dutch credit provider Qredits! After a pilot phase, Qredits has now officially launched online loan applications via video calling through 24sessions.


Qredits helps entrepreneurs to successfully start or invest in a business - by providing business loans of up to 250,000 euros. Qredits is a social credit provider: on top of microcredits and SME loans, it also offers mentoring and online learning. So far, the company has issued 25,000 microcredits worth over 500 million euros in total.

Qredits’ loan officers are now using 24sessions for introductory meetings with clients who have just applied for a loan. During the video call, the loan officer and client discuss the business plan and review the loan application together.

"24sessions is a very professional technology. Customization of customer journeys was key for us, and the 24sessions features allow us to do just that."

Roy Spit, COO at Qredits


The value of video calling for loan applications

Qredits offers video calling to clients who need their loan application reviewed urgently. Video meetings save loan officers a lot of travel time, allowing them to talk to clients faster and start an online application process, including digital signing.

Plus, screen sharing makes it much easier for Qredits’ officers to take clients through documents, and clearly explain more complex info about their business loan. And now, during the corona crisis, video calling also serves as a safe, alternative channel to physical appointments.

The benefits of an application process via video is that it’s much more efficient, yet still highly personal - an important value to Qredits: 

“Thanks to video calling, we can help our clients with their loan application extremely quickly. Even in times of corona, video meetings allow us to keep in touch with clients personally. And the 24sessions Customer Team has really supported us very personally in turn by teaching our officers how to make the best use of video calling as a new communication channel.”
Gabor Verwoerd, team leader of Qredits' loan officers


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We at 24sessions feel honoured to be able to support Qredits in their inspiring social mission, and help other businesses start up & thrive - with a little help from video calls!

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This is the advertising campaign that Qredits launched on Dutch national tv at the end of 2018 already, also featuring a shot of a video call 🇳🇱

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