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SNS makes Video Banking personal and local with 24sessions

We’re proud to announce that since April 2020, we’ve welcomed SNS Bank as our new client in Video Banking. The Dutch SNS now offers its clients remote mortgage advice via 24sessions' video platform.

SNS is part of De Volksbank, a family of several Dutch bank brands together serving over 3 million customers. Its core services are mortgages, payments and savings. 

‘Beeldbellen’ - giving clients personal advice via video banking - fits perfectly in the bank’s motto of ‘Banking with a human touch’. As part of Volksbank, SNS has set itself the mission to reinstate sincere personal contact as the cornerstone of banking. In order to bring the human touch back into banking, the bank wants to work with customers closely and locally. When video banking, SNS customers are always assisted locally by their own advisor


For its 2021 strategic ambitions, SNS Bank focuses on digitising its processes and innovating its core banking services to better serve customers in a human way. This is exactly what offering video banking as a new channel for customer engagement will help the bank achieve. Mortgage advice via video calling has proven to make customer contact much more convenient, yet still in a local and highly personal way.

“SNS is for anyone looking to manage their financial affairs with an accessible, straightforward and humane bank. Whether we are talking about savings, payments, housing, investments or insurance, we like to keep things simple and smart. Personal advice and direct contact increase our customers’ financial resilience.”
 - SNS annual report 2019

At 24sessions we feel honoured to support SNS Bank in reaching their goal to bring the human touch back to banking - with video banking!

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P.S. Here's the national campaign that SNS Bank launched mid 2020 in The Netherlands. 'A Personal answer to all your questions about money' 🇳🇱



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