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Level up your client meetings through the power of AI

Due to the pandemic, you might have lost sight of your customers a bit. For 2022, it’s essential to focus on knowing your customer - and knowing how to improve your client meetings.

That’s where our latest product addition comes in: AI Conversation Intelligence. Start leveraging the power of AI and allow your agents to spend time on what truly matters most - having effective customer meetings, not on manually writing notes and reports. 24sessions Conversation Intelligence automatically transcribes your video calls, collects customer insights and tracks goal attainment of each meeting.  

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We're introducing Conversation Intelligence with 2 new AI-powered features - both live in beta. Use Speech-to-text to have your client meetings automatically transcribed into a smart text report - that's easily searchable. Or collect and analyse your video calls in a smarter way using the AI Goal Tracker, which tracks when specific keywords are mentioned.

What is Speech-to-text?
What is the AI Goal Tracker?
Benefits & ways to use 


What is AI Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation Intelligence uses AI to automatically record and transcribe video calls, and generate insights so you can analyse & improve your conversations with customers. This way, it helps you to save time, coach agents more effectively and further improve your client meetings.

Our new Conversation Intelligence add-on consists of 2 AI-powered features: Speech-to-text and AI Goal Tracking.

1. Speech-to-text

With Speech-to-text, you automatically receive a smart text transcript of everything you have discussed with your client during a video call. How?

  1. Speech-to-text uses AI speech recognition to record your client meetings in real-time - it can even distinguish between your agent’s voice and the customer’s. 

  2. Then, it automatically transcribes all audio into written text and generates a word-for-word report.

  3. Instants after your video call finishes, you receive a smart report which is securely stored in your meeting overview. You can easily search it for keywords and click it to jump to the right moment in your recording.



2. AI Goal Tracker

You set goals upfront for topics that agents need to discuss during a video call - the AI Goal Tracker then automatically tracks if all relevant topics have been discussed. 

  1. Before the video call starts, you set your own goals for which topics the agent needs to discuss with a client (you can also set default goals for a specific meeting type). 

  2. Using the automated recording, our Goal Tracker will then keep track of each time an agent mentions a topic during the call. 

  3. That way, when the video meeting has finished, you get an overview of whether your agents have addressed all topics and attained their goals.


How does that work for, let’s say, a mortgage advice call? You first enter a relevant topic for this specific meeting type, like ‘housing’. 

Then you can add several keywords which fit under this topic, and which your agent needs to mention. For example: ‘mortgage’, ‘house’ and ‘apartment’. The AI Goal Tracker will search for these keywords in the meeting transcript, and mark each time the keywords are mentioned.



Benefits & ways to use AI for Customer Engagement


Conversation Intelligence empowers your agents to focus on what really matters, i.e. building the customer relationship - not on time-consuming administrative tasks or manually analyzing video meetings. Automatically record your video calls, receive smart meeting reports and instantly collect insights to improve your video calls.

You can create business value with Conversation Intelligence in many different ways. These are the major benefits of using Speech-to-text and AI Goal Tracking.


1. Save time and sell more with smart meeting transcripts & AI-enabled processes

Use Conversation Intelligence to have your client meetings automatically transcribed and analyzed by AI. This makes your internal processes more efficient and helps your agents to save time. 

The smart reports generated by Speech-to-text are saved automatically, so you can meet compliance requirements. And with the AI Goal Tracker, your agents instantly see if they have adhered to their script and discussed all relevant topics - in one clear overview.

That way during the video call, agents can focus on the relationship with customers, and after the video call finishes, they do not have to spend time writing reports or manually analyzing their calls & scripts. This saves loads of time and, in turn, agents get to talk to more customers on a daily basis. 



2. Improve the quality of your video meetings: a smarter way to collect & analyze insights

The AI Goal Tracker gives you insights on how to keep improving the quality of your customer meetings - insights which would be almost impossible to gain and analyze without Conversation Intelligence. 

You automatically gather data on script adherence. The technology itself detects when relevant topics are discussed, or flags topics that haven’t been mentioned.

For example, for every type of client meeting you have - whether it’s a visual inspection for insurance claims, a demo of new investment products or an introductory call for a mortgage loan -  you get to measure whether and when agents have mentioned all relevant products, how often and for how long.



3. Coach agents more effectively: automatically track what can be improved

Keep improving your video conversations with Speech-to-text. First of all, you can use the automated meeting transcript as a reference to share with your customers. Also, you can coach agents more effectively because you have 100% accurate reports of all their meetings. Easily look up the right excerpts: search for a keyword, click it and jump to the relevant moment in the meeting recording. 

And if you use AI Goal Tracking too, you make it even easier to analyse your video calls for coaching. From a single dashboard overview, get insights in an agent’s score on script adherence and goal attainment. And you can  immediately watch their recordings - or listen to their audio-only recording - by easily skipping ahead to the right timing.


Like to know more?

All Conversation Intelligence features, including Speech-to-text and AI Goal Tracker, are part of our Recordings module.

Learn more about smart Recordings here >

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