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Provide seamless customer journeys with Embeddable video

Hopping on a video call with customers in one single click is already pretty great. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could start video meetings right from your own website or app? 

Well, you can! Provide customers a seamless, embedded video call journey with 24sessions Embeddable video - now live in closed beta. Learn more about our new feature here 👇

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Embeddable video: what & why?
4 ways to embed video in the customer journey
Benefits to you & your customers


Embeddable video: what & why?

The default journey of a video call between a business and their customer, is to schedule the video appointment upfront. The customer or an agent books a time slot, and then a confirmation link is sent. In this default journey, customers and agents go to a separate web page to have their video call.

With Embeddable video, you get to start a video call from anywhere, whether it’s on your website, login platform or in an open chat conversation - both instantly, and by scheduling in advance:

  • Customers schedule and start a video appointment directly from your website, login portal or app
  • Or implement instant click-to-video journeys. Your customer clicks a button, we find an available agent and connect them

Plus, it doesn’t even have to be a video interaction that you start from your own website or portal. Embedding 24sessions also gives your agents and clients the freedom to opt for screen sharing, co-browsing or even an audio-only call.



4 ways to use Embeddable video in your customer journeys

Embeddable video is now live in closed beta. That means we're reviewing and improving this new feature with a selection of our customers, and getting it ready to be released as soon as possible.

There are 2 parts of the video call journey that you can embed 24sessions in:
 a. Scheduling & booking the video call
 b. Starting & joining the video call

And these are 4 ways to use Embeddable video in those customer journey phases:

1. Scheduling: you or your agents schedule a video call

Embed video calling into your CRM or Contact center solution, so agents can easily & instantly schedule video calls with clients from the environment they’re already familiar with.

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2. Booking: customers book a call themselves

By embedding video interactions onto your own platforms, you allow customers to book a video call directly from your website, app or login portal - whether it’s 2 days or several weeks ahead.

Simply integrate 24sessions with your booking module. And if you also synchronize with agents’ calendars, the booking module will only show times when your employees are actually available. 

Another big benefit: by embedding a booking module for video call, you could even choose to show an upcoming call within the customer portal. Customers will then only have to login to their account and click to join the video call -  no need to look back in their email inbox to find the link.


This is how our client Vattenfall has their video call booking form embedded on the website, so customers can book an appointment directly from the login portal. All they have to do is click a booking link, pick an available time and date, and confirm. 

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3. Starting the call: instant click-to-video

Add a custom link to your website or mobile app that customers can click to start a video call instantly. For example, if they can’t find the information they’re looking for, or need live assistance.

How does that work? You integrate 24sessions with your customer contact technology, like Genesys. Then, as soon as the customer clicks, 24sessions starts looking for an available agent behind the scenes and seamlessly connects the two - directly from your website, app or portal!


Plus, it doesn’t even have to be a video call that customers start from your website - they can also choose to only share their screen, co-browse or call with just audio.

Here's an example of how travelers at Schiphol Airport can start an instant click-to-video interaction with a support agent from one of the information screens at the airport 👇


4. Starting the call: escalation from chat

Let’s say a customer is already in contact with one of your agents via chat, but they have a complex question or need urgent assistance. Embeddable video is the solution! 

Embed 24sessions into your chat solution, so that agents can escalate the chat conversation to a video call, screen share or co-browsing session in one click. This allows them to give more visual support. Customers can request a video call from an open chat themselves, too - with a simple click on a button.


Benefits of Embeddable video

Benefits for your customers

Provide customers with a super smooth and easy User Experience, and give them the freedom to choose how they wish to interact with you:

  • Better UX: with video calling embedded onto your own platforms, it takes fewer steps for customers to start an interaction
  • Offer customers a consistently branded video call experience on the trusted platform they already know - i.e. your website or app
  • Thanks to having instant click-to-video or chat escalation embedded, you can provide faster service to customers who have more complex questions or need urgent assistance


Benefits for you and your agents

Get more control over your interactions with customers.

  • 4 different types of workflows & ways to embed video calls in the customer journey
  • Be flexible in how you wish to offer video calls in the customer journey, and in what type of interactions you wish to offer customers - it can also be a co-browsing session, screen share or audio call instead of a video call
  • For example, with embedded buttons or a synchronized booking form, you can push video interactions more on your website for specific products, like mortgage advice
  • Increase agent adoption. By allowing agents to schedule & start video calls from the platforms and CRM that they’re already familiar with, you create a better user experience for your agents too
  • Embeddable video interactions with 24sessions are easy to implement, with low maintenance on IT, and offer integrations with leading customer engagement solutions


Like to see more examples of embedded video interactions?

Energy provider Vattenfall has built a smooth customer journey for energy-saving advice via video using our API integration 👉 Download the Vattenfall Energy Scan case here >

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