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4 Product Updates to improve omni-channel customer engagement

Signed, sealed, delivered. We’re ready to release not 1, not 2, but 4 Product Updates that we’ve been preparing for a while! Proud to introduce Co-browsing, our Omni-Channel widget, a shiny new Salesforce integration and Backgrounds. 

In this article
1. Backgrounds
2. Co-browsing
3. Omni-Channel widget
4. Improved Salesforce integration


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1. Co-browsing

We can all relate to the frustration of trying to explain to someone where to click on a web page, right? And screen sharing is great, but it only works one way. What if you’d like to assist your customer more interactively? 

We’re happy to release co-browsing publicly! Last year, we already introduced it in beta to a selection of our customers. Co-browsing is now available to all 24sessions customers.*

So how does co-browsing work? It allows you to navigate web pages together with a customer, real-time during a video call. Agents get to point, draw and click on the client’s screen - in a secure way, only with a customer’s permission.

This way you can help customers fill out a form on your website, for example, go through a mortgage application, or review an insurance policy together. And you can also start co-browsing instantly from a chat conversation, or offer a cobrowse session during a phone call.

 👉 Learn more about how to add Co-browsing to your customer interactions >


* Like to start co-browsing with 24sessions? Contact your Sales consultant or Customer Success Manager


2. Omni-Channel Widget

The world has become omnichannel, and so have we. Because sometimes a conversation (or the customer) asks for a different channel than a video call. Your customers want to easily move from one channel to the other, and you in turn want to offer such omni-channel customer journeys.

With Embedded video interactions, you allow customers to book or start a video call with you from anywhere - directly from a web page, customer portal, app or even a chat conversation. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be a video call - thanks to our omni-channel widget you can also offer co-browsing or a simple phone call at any touchpoint in the customer journey. 

 👉 How does embedding work? Learn all about how to embed video interactions into your customer journeys >


 * The Omni-Channel Widget is now available in beta as an add-on in 24sessions. Like to start testing it? Get in touch with your 24sessions Sales or Customer Success contact


3. Backgrounds

You want your virtual meeting environment to look professional and familiar when you’re on a video call with a customer. We already had key features for custom branding available in 24sessions, but we’re releasing the icing on the cake. Custom Backgrounds are now live! 


Edit your background in 24sessions to give customers a trusted, professional video call experience. With this new feature you can either blur your background, or pick a background from our default selection of images to prevent a customer from seeing what is in the room behind you. 

Or create a fully branded environment by setting a custom background that your manager or team lead has uploaded to 24sessions, for example with your company logo on it.

 👉Learn how to use this new feature on our Backgrounds support article.  Or follow this link to add a custom background to your 24sessions environment

4. Improved Salesforce integration

No-one likes to have to switch between multiple tabs and tools for each customer engagement channel. That’s why we’re proud to release the 24sessions Salesforce integration!

Our improved Salesforce integration makes it possible for agents to receive, start and log incoming 24sessions calls directly in Salesforce. That means they do not have to login to 24sessions separately, and video call requests are automatically routed to any available agent. Also, the integration pre-fills specific case fields in Salesforce when a video call finishes - like ticket status - saving agents time on logging their conversations with customers.

24sessions is available as a custom integration for Service Cloud Lightning in the Salesforce AppExchange

Would you like to know more about adding video calls to your Salesforce Service Cloud? Or are you already using 24sessions and would you like to add a Salesforce integration? Contact your 24sessions Sales consultant or Customer Success manager, or head to our Salesforce partner page 👉




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