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Improving CX video calls with our new Meeting Room 3.0

Welcome to a better way of video calling with customers. We are releasing the new 24sessions meeting room! We’ve reimagined how CX video calling should work, and made some big improvements to the User Experience of our video calls. Discover the Meeting Room 3.0 for yourself here.



Why a new video meeting room?

Video calling with customers is evolving rapidly. Over the last year we have seen our number of users grow with over 500% - in a large variety of new use cases, and showing an increasing need for mobile customer journeys.

As the leading solution for CX video calling, we felt it was the right time to step up our game and deliver a brand new Meeting Room. So you can ‘wow’ your customers anytime, anywhere.


The Meeting Room 3.0: new benefits

Asking customers to install a mobile app, having to onboard them for an upcoming video call, running into Wifi issues - these can all make your video call experience a challenging one. Presenting to you: the 24sessions Meeting Room 3.0.


1. A fresh look with premium UI & professional branding options

With a fresh look and UI, our new meeting room is easier to use for both you and your customers. Key buttons for entering and navigating the call are easier to find, and there is more space on screen for the video call.

In addition, the new customization options of our meeting room allow you to create a fully branded video call experience for your clients. Add your own brand colours and logo, so customers can interact with you in a familiar, trusted environment.


2. A fully optimized mobile experience - 100% in browser

We are proud to be one of the first to offer fully mobile CX video calls! The best thing? Our new meeting room works on mobile browsers of any device. Your customers don’t need to download any app. This new responsive mobile use also allows customers to start a chat conversation, turn their camera and microphone on/off, and share files right from their device. 

On top of that, 24sessions on mobile is now also available to your agents & advisors, making it easier than ever for them to talk to customers regardless of their physical location. 



3. Waiting Room

Worry that your customer might be a little early for your meeting? No need! Your customers now enter a custom waiting room before the video call starts.

Welcome your customers in style. Add custom text, visuals, and videos to your waiting room, and make the wait a comfy one for the customer. 



4. Automated user support with the 24sessions Bot 🤖

Sometimes, it’s inevitable that your client runs into a technical issue. No stress, the new 24sessions Bot is here to help! With automated support in the form of pro-active tips and visual gif animations, our Bot takes your guests by the hand to ensure a smooth experience.

You aren't kept in the dark either. The 24sessios Bot notifies you about any issues guests might have, like a bad internet connection or faulty microphone. 

And if everything else fails, your customer can now dial in to the video call, joining the meeting via voice.



Like to know more?

Are you a user of 24sessions and looking to learn more about the Meeting Room 3.0? Check out our User Support info here >

Like to know more about our technology for CX video calling, but not a user (yet)? Schedule a demo!
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