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Rabobank launches video calling for SME business loans

We’re excited to share a new use case at Rabobank! The Dutch multinational bank has launched video calling for business loans - i.e. B2B clients can now apply for a loan via a 24sessions video call.

To apply for a small-to-medium business loan, clients can now schedule a video call with Rabobank’s SME account managers. It was already possible for B2C customers to book a video call to enquire about a mortgage loan at Rabobank. Now, the bank is opening video contact to the B2B market, too.



Applying for an SME business loan via a video call

Entrepreneurs looking to secure a business loan of up to 1 million euros can now book a video call with a Rabobank account manager - to apply for a loan directly, but also to have any questions they might have about the application answered. 

Entrepreneurs either apply for a loan or first request an introductory call via a form on the Rabobank website. They are then called back by an account manager within 2 business days to schedule a video meeting. During the video call, the account manager and applicant go through the loan application together - or discuss more complex questions that an SME owner might have.

Rabobank currently has video calling for business loans rolled out to 120 SME account managers.



Benefits of video calling for a business loan

The launch of video calling for SME loans is part of a project to digitise and centralise loan applications at Rabobank. Previously, account managers travelled to the customer for a physical appointment. 

With the new digital loan application process customers get to talk to an account manager just as personally as meeting at a local office. But the benefits are that video calling saves them both travel time, and - thanks to a user-friendly online Customer Journey - makes the application process a lot faster, increasing conversions.

Plus, screen sharing makes it easier for Rabobank advisors to take clients through documents, and explain more complex topics during the video call.

“Had a great conversation, crystal clear. Could share all relevant documents with the advisor. Video calling is convenient and a big time-saver."  - Entrepreneur about video calling with Rabobank Business


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