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Rochdale and 24sessions join forces to offer remote inspections via video

We’re thrilled to announce a new client and use case. Housing corporation Rochdale has launched video contact for remote inspections at its Customer Contact Center - powered by 24sessions!


Rochdale is a housing corporation active in and around the Amsterdam region. With 500 employees, the association helps find the right (social) housing for 80,000 people with lower incomes.

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Remote inspections made possible by mobile video calls

A group of Rochdale service employees and technical inspectors have just started using video calling for customer contact. They are now doing remote inspections of tenants' homes via video - for example, in the case of an issue with mould.

When tenants report a repair, the service agent at Rochdale’s Contact Center can now offer them a video call to get more information - or even solve the issue immediately.

It’s either the service agent who directly escalates the phone call with a tenant to an instant video call, or - in case a more expert view is needed - the technical inspector schedules a video appointment for a remote inspection later. During the video call, tenants are able to clearly show Rochdale what part of their home needs repairing - with the help of their mobile device or tablet. The service agent or technical inspector can then inspect the defect and either give instant advice via video on how to repair it, or schedule an appointment for a handyman to come visit the tenant and fix the issue.

“We started interacting with our tenants via Whatsapp and Facetime during the pandemic. But we quickly realised these weren’t the right tools for Customer Contact - lacking in terms of security and appointment booking. We started looking for a solution to help us offer video calling in a more secure, professional and measurable way - and that’s exactly what 24sessions does.”

- Pieter de Kok, Advisor Customer Processes at Rochdale


Value of video calling for remote inspections

As a non-profit organisation Rochdale is looking for solutions to make customer contact more easily available and efficient, both for its employees as well as for tenants. With its mission ‘Rochdale responsive’, the housing corporation aims to answer simple service questions in a fast and hassle-free channel - and move to more personal service channels when needed, as the issue gets more complex. 

An example of a situation asking for more personal service by Rochdale, is remote inspections - for which live video support is the perfect communication channel. 

“We wanted to increase Customer Satisfaction by better understanding the customer need, and supporting tenants faster. At the same time, offering personal support remains very important.  Video calling allows us to assist clients personally in situations where it helps both of us to solve an issue quickly.”

Thanks to 24sessions mobile video calls with screen sharing and co-browsing, live video contact is a lot clearer than contact via phone or email. Having a video call makes it possible to show a defect real-time, and therefore makes it easier for Rochdale's inspectors to assess how it is best repaired.

Because video calling allows for such digital visual inspections, Rochdale can support tenants fast, and will most probably greatly improve first-time resolution of support tickets.

“With remote inspections, our inspectors save lots of travel time compared to physical home inspections. And more importantly, we aim to boost first-time fixes of repairs by being able to immediately assess the issue correctly, minimizing inconvenience for our tenants.”
- Pieter de Kok, Advisor Customer Processes at Rochdale


Learn more about video customer contact

Like to learn more about using live video for Remote Inspections? Download our Inspections one-pager to discover more benefits, and use case examples 👇



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