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Scaling video banking? 3 key strategies from our webinar

You know about video banking and the benefits it can bring both to your customers and to your organisation. But how do you go from starting a video banking pilot to fully scaling it out? What factors do you need to consider when making plans to successfully scale video banking?

Those were the questions we addressed during our webinar on 3 ways to grow and scale video banking services. A live best-practice session, including Q&A, with former HSBC and Barclays video banking expert Roger Simpson and our own Pieter Boon, head of the Customer Team at 24sessions. What were the key take-aways from that expert session? Learn more here.

Like to see the whole webinar? Download and watch the recording here:



Learning 1. Video banking has become mainstream: the (r)evolution

Video banking has matured. 10 years ago, it started out with pilots in banks’ contact centers, using technology built for internal collaboration. However, a lot has changed since then, mainly thanks to huge technological developments. Mobile is now all-present with sky-high connectivity speeds and customer expectations have increased. Plus, the financial crisis caused banks to adapt their business models. 


As a result, 80% of banks are now already offering video banking, or plan to offer it in the near future. It’s fair to say that the question around video banking has gone from ‘Do my customers actually want to do banking with me via video?’ to: ‘How do I implement video banking as effectively and successfully as possible?’. 

However, when it comes to rolling out video banking, 71% of banks are still only in pilot phase. Meaning: there’s still a lot of progress to be made in scaling video calling, and expanding it as a channel for customer interaction in financial services.


Learning 2.

4 important factors for scaling video banking

As a majority of banks are already looking at video banking in one way or another, the biggest opportunity for implementing video banking currently lies in increasing the scale of implementation

In order to fully scale out video banking, there are 4 main areas to focus your efforts on:

1. The customer

Which customer groups will you offer video calls to?

2. Your organisation

Are your stakeholders ready for video banking, and your processes adapted to a full-scale roll-out? 

3. Video calling technology

Will you be using generic video calling software, or a technology tailored to the specific goals and needs of customer interaction?

4. The video call experience

Do you have a long-term strategy for making video banking work for your business? Have you thought about all the hardware needed, and about how to create employee adoption?



Learning 3. How to successfully scale?
3 essential factors to focus on

The 4 broad areas above that you need to consider when rolling out video banking, can in turn be narrowed down to 10 specific strategies. 

During the webinar, we zoom in on 3 of these strategies for scaling video banking: 

  • customer journey
  • people
  • stakeholders

Embedding video banking the customer journey

With video calling technology already providing many opportunities, the current challenge is rather in integrating video calling into more customer journeys - more seamlessly.

Watch the webinar to see examples of how banks like ING have embedded video calls smoothly in their customer journeys.

2. Employee adoption: training your people

For agents and employees, starting doing video calls with customers implies a big change in their way of working, for branch agents even more so than for contact center agents. As a consequence, change management is an extremely important factor in order to successfully scale video banking: it is a must to train employees on conversational skills and on the correct use of video calling technology and hardware.

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Like to know why a UK bank hired a former BBC Radio 1 presenter to train their agents? Download the webinar.

3. Involving the right stakeholders 

How do you convince the board and other stakeholders of the benefits of video banking? 

To hear Roger’s advice on how to make a successful business case for video banking, watch the whole webinar recording.



Learning 4.
Watch the webinar to learn more

Like to hear Pieter say the famous words ‘This is live television’? Curious to learn what Roger thinks will be the next big thing in video banking?

Our webinar is now available for downloading! Download the recording here :



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