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The 3 things you should look for in video customer contact as a bank

Are you in the market for a video solution that specialises in customer contact? Then you might have come to the conclusion already - your internal collaboration tool doesn’t lend itself to customer contact, and that’s 100% correct.

The most common question that we get asked by people in this situation is: “What are the minimum requirements I need to look for in a vendor for making video customer contact work?”

There are 3 requirements.



Requirement 1

The solution focuses on the entire workflow rather than only the video call; the video call is just one element of the entire customer journey.

Customer contact means that you’re dealing with customer journeys & potentially variable behaviour. It’s imperative to think about the 3 phases of the customer journey - what happens to my customer before the video call; how easy is to make the actual video call; what happens to my customer after the video call? Think these 3 phases through in detail and you’re one step closer to success.

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 Requirement 2

Security: don’t be afraid to hold your vendor to the highest security standards imaginable.

You’re dealing with customer contact, which holds the most sacred and personal details of your customers. Vendors don’t always like strict security since it typically doesn’t coexist well with user-friendliness. Aside from that there is a solid balance point where you can get the best of both worlds - explore that solid balance point with your vendor - even if it’s a big global corporate.


Requirement 3

Adoption expertise

Change isn’t easy. For many banks - video banking at scale is something that’s not easy to accomplish. Video customer contact interacts with the main business line - you’ll face initial resistance from multiple parts in your organisation. 

Your vendor should know all the pitfalls, all of the best practices, and not only share them with you - but also proactively support your teams to achieve the rollout phase (a phase that not all banks achieve). One golden adoption driver that we can share with you as an example: “put your customer in the lead for the choice of this channel”.

More requirements to look for?

Yes, there are many more things to consider when looking for a solution for video calling with customers. To discover all technological features required for CX video calling, download our Tech Checklist 👇


This article is a summary of Why it's best not to use Zoom, Skype, Teams or Hangouts for customer contact, and was put together for you by Video Banking specialist Ferdinand Royackers.

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