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Working remotely sets number of client meetings via video spiking

The current situation regarding coronavirus means organisations are making quick yet calculated moves to maintain business continuity, while securing their employees' health. As a result, we have seen a big spike in the number of video calls made with 24sessions over the last 3 weeks. Video meeting activity has increased to 400% over our entire client portfolio, a staggering number. As more and more countries are hit with travel limitations and work from home policies, we expect this number to only grow more in the coming period. (Latest update: April 9, 2020)

Moreover, organisations of all types are finding new ways to keep in touch with clients by video calling. Discover how in this article.


1. Accelerating the launch of video calling as a new CX channel

Some of our clients, like VodafoneZiggo, have accelerated launching CX video calls due to the corona crisis. The telecom provider's Account managers have now started using video as a new channel for communicating with clients in record time.

As Moehib Khallouki, Sales Manager B2B VodafoneZiggo Netherlands, explains:

Due to the crisis it is currently not possible to visit our customers. We still want to deliver high quality service and need a stable solution for this. We choose to work with 24sessions because not all of our customers have Teams or Skype installed and we experienced a higher stability with 24sesssions compared to other tools. The tool makes it extremely easy for customers to jump on a call and that is exactly what we need in order to communicate fast and effectively.’’


2. Scaling out CX video calling to more agents for mortgage advice

Rabobank scaled video banking capabilities to 5000+ agents before the corona crisis already. But the bank is now experiencing a growth in the number of video calls made for mortgage advice too. Rabobank expects an even bigger increase for the upcoming period when people keep on working from home and need to service their customers.

Gaby Pothuizen, sales manager at Rabobank, says: 

In these times of uncertainty people are struggling with questions about their financial situation. Whether it’s about their current mortgage or buying a new house. Thanks to video calling we can still give the personal advice we are used to giving; from the home of the advisor directly into the homes of our customers.”


3. Upscaling video calling to more use cases in Recruitment

, the premier provider of postal and parcel services in The Netherlands, has also scaled up their video calling capabilities.

Loes Quinten, Manager Recruitment Processes at PostNL: 

We have been using 24sessions for a while now in the recruitment process for our postal delivery. Implementing the video channel in our corporate and graduate recruitment processes too was something we were exploring, but due to the Corona outbreak we decided to accelerate this implementation. We need to ensure that the recruitment conversations with candidates continue.

The value lies in the customer journey, which is customized and entirely automated by 24sessions for all our candidates. We implemented the channel in just a few days and have performed many interviews in the last two weeks already.''


More use cases to start video calling with clients

Apart from using video calls in your customer workflows for sales, advisory and recruitment, you can also leverage this new CX channel for remote visual inspections. By video calling, technicians, mechanics and other experts then perform remote visual inspections through a mobile video connection with someone on site, instead of having to be physically present at the client's.

For many, video calling with clients is still something new, but it’s not new to us. To ensure speed and success, 24sessions offers a zero IT-footprint delivery model. We also have a supportive and agile Customer Success team in place to help you successfully launch your video project in days.

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