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Guide your customers interactively with co-browsing

Interact together with your customers while keeping individual control. Use our secure co-browsing technology to browse the same web page together with your customer, and see exactly what they see. So you can solve complex queries faster, collaboratively.

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The visual guidance on a customer's own browser screen makes it less confusing for them, and way quicker for me. The ability to hide certain information on-screen is something we weren't able to do with just screen sharing alone.

Senior Advisor
Large European insurance company

Draw, type, click and scroll on the same web page as your customer

Make talking to your customers more interactive with co-browsing

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Reduce resolution time

Increase efficiency and solve customer queries at light-speed by instantly collaborating in their resolution. 

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Increase remote sales productivity

Boost conversions and fight cart abandonment by turning your website from a static sales tool into an interactive one that converts through visual engagement.

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Exceed customer expectations

Avoid misunderstandings or playing endless question games. By guiding your customers through complex information, forms, or processes in real-time, you’ll reduce customer effort and increase customer satisfaction.

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Gain new insights

Continuously improve your customer journey by observing the customer’s issue in real time and identifying common roadblocks and drop-off points.

How can co-browsing benefit your business ?

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Better advice

Work and collaborate directly with your customers to discuss opportunities.
With co-browsing software, advisors can use the power of visual engagement to nurture customer loyalty, trust, and satisfaction, while having more effective conversations.

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Better support

We all know how annoying it is to get stuck in the middle of a flow. Co-browsing software allows you to instantly take over your customer’s screen and conduct the necessary actions to solve any technical issues in a secure and safe environment that safeguards their information. 

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Better selling

Sales teams and virtual shop assistants can increase conversions and profitability along the customer journey by actively guiding the customer through the shopping process and configurations, for example, by adding items to their basket.

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Real-time collaboration with your customers is just one click away

Easily start a co-browsing session:

  1. From a standalone widget

    From the web pages that you have installed co-browsing on, customers can start a co-browse session in 2 steps - by clicking a widget and entering an access key.

  2. By sharing a co-browsing link

    Talking to a customer via chat or phone who needs visual guidance? Share the URL of a cobrowse-enabled web page, and instantly start co-browsing.

  3. During a video call

    Already on a video call with a customer? Offer to start a co-browse session instead of screen sharing, so you can guide them on a web page interactively.

Safeguard your customer's privacy 🔐

Mask any sensitive and personal information

With 24sessions’ co-browsing software there is no risk of sharing confidential information from your desktop, other apps, or browser windows because it’s designed for highly secure environments. It allows insurers, banks, and other larger organizations that manage sensitive and personal data to collaborate with customers in trust-worthy domains and applications they own, while configuring masking for specific fields.


Why co-browsing with 24sessions?

Go where generic video conferencing tools like Zoom or Teams can't

Our customer-first co-browsing software allows two-way collaboration between customer and agent, who can simultaneously navigate and interact on the same web-page.  In addition, co-browsing reduces the security risk of sharing any sensitive or personal information by allowing to mask or hide specific fields.  

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Guide your customers by clicking, drawing, pointing, highlighting or drawing on your customers’ screen in real time. 

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Fully Customizable

Easily integrate co-browsing within your own platform by customizing the widget to your brand’s look and feel.

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No Downloads

24sessions co-browsing technology is completely browser based. Forget the hassle of downloading and installing any software.

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Make customer engagement as interactive as you like

Take customer interaction to the next level by complementing co-browsing technology with features such as video calling, chat or screen-sharing.

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