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Video calling for contact centers

Personalize customer contact through video calls

24sessions enables customer contact centers to go beyond answering questions. Discover how to use video in your Contact Center here >

Customers want contextual and personal experiences. If you don’t live up to their expectations, they will switch to another provider. Contact centers play a critical role in creating experiences that stand out.

Traditionally managed contact centers are more focussed on resolving issues. In contrast, new-age contact centers know how to turn each interaction into a differentiating experience that further builds the customer relationship. To enable agents to create such personal and contextual experiences, add video calls from 24sessions to your omni-channel strategy mix.

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of video calling

Superior customer experience

Create high touch and effortless live-video experiences for your customers anywhere, anytime, even on mobile. Through video calls, screen- and document-sharing, agents are fully equipped to explain the most complex topics such as lengthy contracts or technical instructions.


Higher sales, stronger customer relationships

24sessions helps agents focus on what really matters: building customer relationships that convert to higher sales. Our automation features take care of the rest - repetitive admin jobs, scheduling of meetings and compliance tasks.


Integrate video in your omnichannel mix

24sessions fits seamlessly within your omnichannel strategy. Our solution lets agents switch from a chat conversation to a video call with 1 click. The customers can also initiate the video call in 1 click without any scheduling involved. The first agent available joins the call.

"24sessions provides a simple and highly scalable solution for Genesys customers to add video calling to their omnichannel strategy mix."

How to get started with video calling


How are other Contact Centers using video calls? Discover the most popular use cases here:

  1. Customer support

    Get rid of miscommunications and help customers when your product or service is causing problems through live video. Customers can visualize their situation through their mobile camera. This allows agents to better judge the situation, which increases first-time fixes and boosts customer satisfaction.

  2. Sales

    Provide leads, prospects and customers with the best product experience through live demonstrations and online presentations to close deals faster.

  3. Onboarding

    Activate new customers through a super-personalized onboarding and assist them to use your product or service in the best way.
  4. Kiosks

    Connect consumers in-store with remote agents via kiosks to provide a fast and personal service through video.

  5. Centralized advisory team

    Provide prospects and customers with a fast and personal way to deliver advice. Through video calls, organizations can centralize their advisory teams in an efficient way.  

Case study Schiphol Airport

Discover how instant video calls are helping Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
to make its passenger service more human.


Key Results


Higher first-time-right

Video enables you to explain complex topics more efficiently by making a personal connection and sharing your screen. This leads to improved first-time fixes.

Lower cost to serve

Higher sales

Spot opportunities for up and cross-selling, increasing sales revenue.


Increase NPS

Exceed customer expectations resulting in avg. +50 NPS.


Happy agents

Arm agents with the right tools & techniques that are easy to work with, to help them perform better.



There is a growing demand to provide customers with a more contextual and personal experience. The 24sessions integration provides a simple and highly scalable solution for our customers to add video calling to their omnichannel strategy mix.

Jaap Dijkhuizen Genesys Testimonial
Jaap Dijkhuizen
Solutions Consultant at Genesys

We collaborate with 24sessions on our advisory services because it’s really user-friendly, works in every browser and requires no downloads. It’s a great way to discuss complex topics like pensions and mortgages. Our sessions receive a 9,3/10 on average.

Robin van den Burg
Managing Director at Aegon Advisory
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