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Embedded video calls & co-browsing

Easily embed video-first interactions into your customer journeys

Don’t make your customers jump through hoops to talk to an agent face-to-face. Create effortless digital Customer Experiences by embedding video interactions anywhere in your customer journeys.

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Embedded interactions are the new omni-channel 


Today’s omnichannel world asks for smooth, consistent digital experiences. Your customers want to easily go from browsing one of your web pages, to starting a chat - or hopping on a video call to get live 1-to-1 advice from an agent. With 24sessions’ standalone embedded widget or our video call API, you create 1-click video call journeys on any channel - with a seamless UX for your customers and agents alike.


Let customers start an interaction the way they prefer

Allow customers to book or start an interaction with you from anywhere - whether it’s from a web page, customer portal, app or chat conversation. With Embedded customer interaction, your customers get to request a video call both instantly, and by scheduling in advance.


Embed video calls + voice + co-browsing

Sometimes, a conversation - or a customer - asks for a different channel than a video call. With our Embedded widget, you offer customers multiple contact channels directly from your website or app. It’s a stand-alone application that can trigger any type of embedded customer interaction - from starting an audio call in 1 click, to adding screen sharing to a live phone call. And from scheduling a video call for later, to starting an instant co-browsing session.


Embed with or without coding

Looking for an out-of-the-box solution? 24sessions’ stand-alone Omnichannel widget is fully programmatic. You are in the lead to configure at which touchpoint in the customer journey you'd like to offer your customers which channel.

Do you want to develop a fully customized solution? Use our flexible API to build your own Video Call journeys.

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Integrate video calls into your CRM

On top of seamless embedding in the customer journey, 24sessions can also be integrated into your CRM or any leading Customer Engagement suite. Streamline agent workflows by installing our embedded widget, build your own CRM integration from our API or connect with one of our out-of-the-box integrations like AWS, Genesys and Salesforce.

3 embedded customer journeys

  1. Instant video call

    Does your customer need help right now? Enable instant video call journeys. The customer clicks a button, our technology finds the right agent and connects them.

  2. Embedded booking

    Through our booking module customers schedule a video appointment directly from your website or app. You can also choose to embed the video call itself into your own client portal.

  3. Escalate a conversation

    Is a customer already talking to one of your agents via chat or phone, but looking for visual assistance? Provide agents with the option to escalate the conversation to an instant video call, embedded in the same window.

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Benefits of embedding video interactions


Ensure efficient workflows for your agents

Allow your agents to schedule a video call in 1 click, or to start calling and co-browsing with customers instantly - from the platform they’re already working with. Embed 24sessions into your existing CRM or Customer Engagement software like Salesforce to create efficient agent workflows and boost adoption.


Create a secure & trusted Customer Experience

Digital Customer Engagement not only needs to be seamless, it needs to be secure. Offer customers a trusted experience by embedding video calling in your own website, app or customer portal. 24sessions allows you to create a customer journey with your own branding, logo, custom domain, waiting room and compliance settings per meeting type.


Start interacting in 1 simple click

24sessions is browser-based. Whether you want to start a video call, with a customer, a co-browsing session or both - our technology works with 1 click on a secure link. From any device. That means you can easily embed customer interactions into your website or app without asking customers to download any software.

Why embed 24sessions?

  • streamline-customer-experience-and-agent-journey

    Deliver a smooth Customer Experience, streamline the agent journey and increase security. Instead of doing a standalone video call in Zoom or Teams, have embedded customer interactions from your website, app or CRM. 

  • omnichannel-video-calls-with-cobrowsing

    Offer maximum flexibility in your channels and workflows. Embed booking and instant 1-click video calls on your website or app. And select which types of interactions to offer customers - so they can start co-browsing with you too.

  • embed-api-and-standalone-widget
    Flexible & out of the box

    Create embedded video call journeys that easily fit your workflows. Go live without developers by embedding our stand-alone widget, build your own solution through our API, or use our out-of-the-box integrations.

  • secure-webrtc-customer-interactions

    Our WebRTC technology is browser-based, end-to-end encrypted and ensures stable connections for video-first Customer Engagement.

  • configure-video-call-settings

    Configure settings per meeting type to guarantee compliance - like enabling or disabling recordings, storage location, review data and communication flows.

  • Support

    Boost agent adoption and successfully scale video calling - thanks to our Customer Success team's expert services.

All Benefits

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