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A compact overview of features available in 24sessions. For more features, please request the feature sheet at the bottom of the page. 




Prepare for your meeting in seconds

  1. Scheduler

    Invite people for a video meeting and skip emailing back-and-forth.

  2. Embeddable booking forms

    Allow leads, prospects or clients to book time directly in your calendar.

  3. Timezone detection

    Timezones are automatically detected so everybody is on the same page.

  4. Calendar integrations



Meet customers effortlessly via video calls

  1. 1-click video calls

    Your guests can join meetings with the click of a button, without any downloads.

  2. Screen- and file sharing

    Share screens and documents to visualize the discussion.

  3. Branded experience

    24sessions is completely brandable, allowing you to show your logo, colors, and tone of voice.

  4. Enterprise-grade security



Learn and improve with every video call you have

  1. Record calls

    Record video meetings to learn from your calls and improve your process.

  2. Reviews & feedback

    Instantly track customers feedback through customizable review forms

  3. Dashboards

    Get insights about meetings through the 24sessions analytics dashboard.

  4. Conversational Analytics

    Create automated reports through smart transcription, minimize risks by using the compliance tracker and offer effective coaching through call analytics.   

Request the feature sheet

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