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Video customer contact for the Public Sector

The most personal service for your citizens with video calling

Always within reach for your citizens. Start using video calling as a channel to provide digital service with a human face.



As consumers, citizens are used to contacting businesses via any channel they prefer. And they’re asking the same choice in channels from governmental organisations like yours. 

Website contact forms, email, live chat, chatbot and whatsapp - most governments and municipalities are already available via these channels. They’re innovating in digital service channels on top of physical meetings and phone contact.

The next step in digital innovation is video calling by 24sessions, bringing you even closer to your citizens by combining digital convenience with a human touch. To service your citizens via the channels they’re used to, it is a must to digitize your service center and front office. But by adding video calls to your contact channels, you offer citizens a fully personal service online. And you’re making specialized knowledge from your staff accessible to everyone, everywhere.

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Why 24sessions?

  • lock-alt-duotone

    Encrypted, ISO 27001, GDPR & trusted by banks and central governments.

  • Easy to use
    Easy to use

    Anyone can use 24sessions without training or installing software. Just click a link and go!

  • Everything you need
    Everything you need (and more)

    Most complete solution in the market. Built-in workflows, booking system, NPS & more.

  • Experts in your field
    Experts in your industry

    Our industry experts know how to make video contact successful and guide you every step of the way.

  • fits organization
    Fits your organization

    Standard integrations with your CRM, Contact Center and calendar, configurable UI & powerful API.

  • Support
    Incredible support

    We love to help. Our customer success team is always available via chat for you and your users.

All Benefits

Benefits of video calling

Improve the quality & accessibility or your services

Make knowledge from specialists available to your citizens with complex questions. Requesting a permit or development plan is way easier when you're able to share your screen. Use booking form that allow citizens to schedule a video call directly from your website, whenever it suits them and your staff.  


Speed up internal processes

24sessions helps your employees to focus on what matters: servicing citizens as fast and smoothly as possible, resulting in high satisfaction rates. Our automation features take care of the rest - scheduling calls, administrative tasks and feedback forms. 


Innovate digital service

Add video calling to your existing digital channel, or broaden your services by providing additional video calls next to physical meetings. 

"Our video calls score an average of 9.6/10 on customer satisfaction."


Use cases for the Public Sector

How do other players in the Public Sector use video calls for citizen communication?

  1. Client Contact Center

    Make your Contact Center more accessible and add 1-click video calls to your service channel. Or expand your services by enabling citizens with more complex questions to talk to one of your staff via video.
  2. Social Domain

    Avoid miscommunication thanks to the visual aid of screen sharing and facial expressions that video calling offers.

  3. Work & Income

    Support citizens with debt counseling and career coaching in a trusted and personal environment, from the comfort of their own home.

  4. Civil Affairs

    Handle more complex requests for official documents and deeds efficiently, yet still personally with a preparatory video meeting - thanks to screen or document sharing.

  5. Permit Requests

    Service entrepreneurs in your region faster by handling questions about a permit or business plan via video. That way, they’re not losing precious travel time for a physical meeting.

One-pager Government

How does video calling with citizens work? What benefits does it bring? Download this one-pager
to share it with colleagues and other stakeholders in your organisation:


Key Results


Higher CSAT

Offer the best customer experience by serving citizens personally from the comfort of their own home. Boost customer satisfaction to an 8/10 score.


Improve accessibility

Video calling facilitates participation by all social classes and less-abled or empowered citizens, who no longer need to come to a physical office.


Faster service

Increase first-time fixes. Thanks to video calling, your team can work 20-50% more productively and citizens have 43% shorter waiting times.


Happy employees

Provide your staff with easy-to-use technology & tools, enabling them to provide better service and actively spread their expert knowledge.


What our partners are saying

"We see a growing demand to provide customers with a more contextual and personal experience. The 24sessions integration offers a simple and highly scalable solution for our clients to add video calling to their omnichannel strategy mix."

Jaap Dijkhuizen Genesys Testimonial
Jaap Dijkhuizen
Solutions Consultant at Genesys

“24sessions is very easy to use for clients looking to contact an organisation. With just 1 click on a link they start the video call. And thanks to the personal interaction, video calling is a highly suitable contact channel for explaining more complex matters clearly." 

Frontline-quote_Hans Reuver
Hans Reuver
Director of Frontline Solutions
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