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Video calling for insurance

Build more personal relationships with video calling for customers

Connect face-to-face with your insurance customers through world-class video calling experiences.



Digitization brings new opportunities to better estimate risks and serve customers when and where it is convenient for them. Insurers want to make the best use of these digital opportunities while keeping the human touch.

The problem of the digital ‘human channel’ is that it’s slow and inconvenient. Video calling with 24sessions can solve all these problems and lets you digitally enhance customer journeys to make them convenient, instant and personal.

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Why 24sessions?

  • lock-alt-duotone

    Encrypted, ISO 27001, GDPR & trusted by banks and central governments.

  • Easy to use
    Easy to use

    Anyone can use 24sessions without training or installing software. Just click a link and go!

  • Everything you need
    Everything you need (and more)

    Most complete solution in the market. Built-in workflows, booking system, NPS & more.

  • Experts in your field
    Experts in your industry

    Our industry experts know how to make video contact successful and guide you every step of the way.

  • fits organization
    Fits your organization

    Standard integrations with your CRM, Contact Center and calendar, configurable UI & powerful API.

  • Support
    Incredible support

    We love to help. Our customer success team is always available via chat for you and your users.

All Benefits

Benefits of video calling

Higher sales at lower cost-to-serve

24sessions helps agents focus on what really matters: building customer relationships that convert to higher sales. Our automation features take care of the rest like repetitive admin jobs, scheduling of meetings and compliance tasks are handled by 24sessions.


Empower teams to scale successfully

24sessions empowers teams to be successful in having video calls with customers through expert services. Our Customer Success Program guides clients every step of the way, from initial strategizing to scaling this channel across business units.


Superior insurance experience

Create high touch and effortless live-video experiences for your customers anywhere, anytime, even on mobile. Through video calls, screen- and document-sharing, agents are fully equipped to explain the most complex topics such as insurance policies, contracts or retirement schemes.

"Through video calling, our sessions receive an average score of 9.3/10." 


How to get started with video calls

There are different ways to use video as a contact channel for insurance. Discover the use cases here:

  1. Advisory

    Empower advisors to have better, more focussed conversations by giving them the right tools to explain complex topics like retirement plans or life insurance. Reduce the number of contactmoments needed to sign contracts, and increase your NPS. Your customers will thank you for it.

  2. Field account management

    Help account managers to better allocate their time when building customer relations. By meeting most valuable customers in person and other customers via video calls, they are able to build more relationships in less time.

  3. Desk account management

    Enable desk account managers to become a trusted partner. By using video calls, they build a more personal connection compared to phone-only contact, resulting in more cross- and upsell opportunities.
  4. Claims

    Arm your agents with live video and screen-document sharing tools to establish a higher level of trust and to provide a faster service to handle claims.

Case study Achmea

Learn how insurer Achmea is digitising claims and account management
the human way - reducing meeting length by 2 times and reaching an NPS of +78.


Key Results


Faster service

Decrease waiting and meeting times and increase first-time-fixes

Lower cost to serve

Lower cost-to-serve

Field reps can do 3-4 video meetings in the same time it would take them to have 1 face-to-face meeting


Higher sales

Fill your pipeline with more leads and close avg. +33% more deals


Happy agents

Arm agents with the right tools & techniques to perform better



We collaborate with 24sessions on our advisory services because it’s really user-friendly, works in every browser and requires no downloads. It’s a great way to discuss complex topics like pensions and mortgages. Our sessions receive a 9,3/10 on average.

Robin van den Burg
Managing Director at Aegon Advisory

There is a growing demand to provide customers with a more contextual and personal experience. The 24sessions integration provides a simple and highly scalable solution for our customers to add video calling to their omnichannel strategy mix

Jaap Dijkhuizen Genesys Testimonial
Jaap Dijkhuizen
Solutions Consultant at Genesys
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