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Video calling & co-browsing on Salesforce

24sessions for Salesforce

Start a video chat with your customers to deliver a visual customer experience directly on Salesforce. Empower your agents to serve customers personally and boost satisfaction rates with rich video calls and co-browsing.

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Video chat and co-browsing for omni-channel Customer Engagement

Add a human face to your omni-channel customer contact. Unlock rich video customer engagement on your Salesforce Service Cloud with 24sessions appointment booking, CSAT and NPS tracking, compliant recordings and AI speech analytics. 

Improve your digital sales and services by allowing customers to join a video call or co-browse session with 1 click on a link, from any device. And connect agents directly on their Salesforce environment to increase agent productivity.

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Seamless video chat journeys on Salesforce

24sessions is built for remote Customer Engagement. Our technology makes every step of the video call journey seamless - both for your customers and your agents.


Connect with customers in 1 click

Allow your agents to start interacting with customers from within their Salesforce environment. 24sessions works with 1 click on a link. Your agents can accept an incoming interaction directly on Salesforce - whether a customer has booked a video call in advance, or requests an instant co-browsing session. And you get to offer video calls without asking customers to download any software.


The right agent for the right customer

What if one type of customer request asks for faster follow-up? Or requires a specific agent's specialist knowledge? Our integration comes with appointment booking, a calendar integration and the option to create different meeting types. So you can always route an incoming request to the right agent - whether it's a meeting booked in advance, or an instant request for a video call.


Save time with automated workflows

Let the integration do the work for you. Increase agent efficiency by automating tasks like sending email confirmations or SMS reminders, collecting review and logging calls. Booked appointments or requests for an instant video call appear straight in an agent's Salesforce environment. Conversations can be automatically recorded and transcribed into a text report. And case fields in Salesforce are pre-populated with the right customer info.


Measure the impact of video calling

Keep improving conversations with customers. Ask custom review questions right after a session ends to track NPS or CSAT. Get detailed video call insights through our out-of-the-box dynamic dashboard, or data API. Activate recordings to automatically generate easily searchable text transcripts. And track conversation scripts with our smart Goal Tracker.

Why add video calls to Salesforce

Streamline agent productivity

Allow your agents to schedule a video call in 1 click, or to start calling and co-browsing with customers instantly - from the platform they’re already working with. Our Salesforce integration automatically adds scheduled appointments to any calendar, routes incoming interactions to the right agent, and pre-populates case fields after an interaction closes.

Integrate with any Salesforce workflow

The 24sessions Salesforce integration allows you to embed a customer interaction in 3 workflows, which can be started both by the agent and the customer: 1. instant click-to-call, 2. escalation from a chat or phone conversation, and 3. a scheduled video session.

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Boost remote sales & speed of service

Offer video calling or co-browsing on conversations where a human face adds value. For example, give 1-to-1 video advice on more complex products, or show customers how to fill out a form. Your customer can book an appointment when it suits them, or hop on an instant video call in 1 click. And you improve digital sales and services by minimizing waiting time and increasing first-time fixes.


What you get with our Salesforce integration

  1. Scheduled video calls

    Customers schedule a video appointment directly from your website or app with our booking module. And the appointment is routed to the right agent, showing up in their Salesforce environment.

  2. Instant interactions

    Does your customer need help right now? Enable instant video call journeys. The customer clicks a button, our technology finds the right agent and connects them.

  3. Chat or phone escalation

    Is a customer already talking to one of your agents via chat or phone, but looking for visual assistance? Enable an escalation to an instant video call, embedded in the same window.

  4. White label journeys

    Create branded, trusted customer journeys with our customization options. Add your own logo, colours and waiting room. Send custom notification messages, and ask your own review questions after an interaction finishes. Or use our flexible API to create custom configurations one level deeper.

  5. Omni-channel visual engagement

    Choose which channels you want customers to start interacting on. Our omni-channel technology can be embedded in any journey - from your website, customer portal or app to an open chat conversation. Have a video call, start co-browsing, share documents two-way or opt for an audio-only call.

  6. Premium security

    Talk to customers without having to worry about security and compliance. 24sessions works through reliable WebRTC connections and unique meeting links. Our technology is end-to-end encrypted, PEN-tested and compliant with GDPR, ISO 27001, NEN 7510, MiFID II and PCI.

  7. Expert services to scale

    We help you create maximum agent adoption and long-term business impact. Our Customer Success team’s expert services guide you in implementing, integrating and internally adopting video calling. So you succeed at making visual customer interaction a scalable channel for digital Customer Engagement.

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