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Highly configurable video call journeys for customer contact

Create video calls that comply with your workflows, security requirements and customer journeys. 24sessions is 100% configurable. Discover all our product features here >

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Booking & Scheduling

Schedule video calls, allow customers to book a meeting or start an instant video call on your site. We offer advanced features such as configurable meeting types, availability management, routing and agent re-assignment.
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Secure Video Calls

Host secure 1-click video calls -  on your own site, with your logo and colors. 24sessions works on web & mobile without downloads. Packed with value such as screen sharing, browser sharing, file sharing and recordings.
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Reports & Insights

Combine recordings and customer reviews to learn and improve with every video call your business does.

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Enterprise Grade

If you need to go big, go 24sessions. 24sessions is so configurable that we have customers who scaled to 5000+ agents across all products and customer journeys, each with specific regulatory and workflow requirements. 
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Benefits vs Generic Video tools

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Booking & Scheduling

Schedule video calls, allow customers to book a meeting or start an instant video call on your site. Discover more benefits >

  1. Meeting scheduling

    Invite guests for a video meeting or share a link that they can use to join. Working with planners? Others can schedule meetings for you right into your agenda (and vice versa). 

    Scheduler - User Roles - Calendar Integration - One Click Experience 

  2. Booking forms

    Allow leads, prospects or clients to book time with your team or directly in the agent's agenda. Booking forms are easily embeddable on your business' website, allowing visitors to book a time right from a webpage. 

    Calendar Integration - Automated Notifications - Advanced Availability - Multi Language Settings 

  3. Meeting Management & Routing

    Configure every meeting to match the customer journey and your business processes. Assign users & teams, customize messaging and enable or disable settings per meeting. 

    Advance Meeting Management and Routing - Meeting Type Customization 

  4. Automated notifications

    24sessions sends out customizable confirmation and reminder emails & SMS messages with details about the upcoming video call. 

    Confirmation & Reminder Messages (Email & SMS) - Custom Domain & Email Address 

  5. Custom everything

    Customize video calls with your domain, email address, logo, brand colors & tone of voice, and configure settings for each type of video meeting. For example, start recordings automatically for specific meetings and deactivate them for others. You get to customize 24sessions so it matches your workflows and customer journeys.

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Secure Video Calls

Host secure 1-click video calls on your own domain - with your logo and colors. Discover more benefits > 

  1. Frictionless video calling

    Effortless video calls without downloads in all major browsers and on all devices, also on mobile!

    No downloads or installs - All major browsers - Mobile on IOS & Android

  2. Professionally branded journeys

    Your own logo, colors and URL throughout the video call experience. 

    Custom Branding - Your Domain - Custom Messaging (Email & SMS) - Custom Email Sender - Custom Waiting Room

  3. Highest reliability

    Is your guest having issues with enabling a microphone, camera or just having bad internet? Our assistance bot will give proactive tips and help your guest solve any issue they might have. Still having issues? Thanks to options like phone dial-in you always have something to fall back on. 

    Assistance Bot - Phone Dial-In - Two-Sided Pro-Active Messaging 

  4. Safe & secure

    We take your security seriously. That's why we're ISO 27001 certified and GDPR proof. All our video calls are end-to-end encrypted, data is stored in the EU and can be anonymized based on your needs and wishes.     

    ISO 27001 Certified - GDPR - Encrypted Video Calls - Data Anonymization

  5. Two-way content share

    With a click of a button you and your guest can share screen or send documents via the built-in chat window. 

    Screen Sharing - Document Sharing - Chat 

  6. Cutting edge mobile video experience

    We've stretched the boundaries for mobile video calling. In contrast to the competition, with 24sessions all functionality is available on your mobile device without an app. 

    Browser Based Mobile Video Calling - Mobile Document Sharing - Mobile Chat

Reports & Insights

Get workable reporting and insights out of your most valuable customer meetings. Discover more benefits > 

  1. Reviews & feedback

    After a video call finishes, we allow you to ask up to 3 feedback questions (1 to 10 stars). These questions can be anything from CSAT, NPS, or business-specific questions. Besides questions there is also an option to leave additional feedback as an open field.

    Review forms - Custom end-page redirect - Agent Summary

  2. View and download recordings

    24sessions video calls can be recorded by default or when activated by the host. These (MIFID) recordings are stored and can be viewed, downloaded and removed by anyone with the right permission. 

    Recordings (audio and/or video) - Local or cloud storage - MIFID

  3. Data insights

    Use our out-of-the-box dynamic dashboard or create custom ones via our API, giving you insights in meeting duration, satisfaction rates, conversions and more.

    Technical meeting insights - Review insights - Custom visualization - Dashboards

  4. Conversation intelligence

    Create automated reports with smart meeting transcriptions, minimize risk by using the compliance tracker and offer effective coaching thanks to call analytics. 

    Transcriptions - Keyword Tracking - Compliance Tracking 

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Product 2.0

Enterprise Grade

If you're looking to go professional and big, go 24sessions. Discover our Enterprise benefits > 

  1. Safe and secure

    Rest easy with enterprise-grade security. All video calls are encrypted, take place on your trusted domain, are accessible with a unique and temporary access link and can only be started by the assigned agent. 

    AES-256 encryption - Unique Access Code - Your Domain

  2. Certified

    As a company, 24sessions is ISO 27001 certified, GDPR proof, PCI compliant and regularly PEN-tested. 

    ISO 27001 - GDPR - PCI - PEN-tested

  3. Encryption

    We store limited data, but the data that we store is securely stored in Europe (or your location of choice), AES-256 encrypted and access is protected with advanced access management, audit trails and user federation. 

    European Data Centers - AES-256 encryption - Advanced Access Management 

  4. In good company

    We're working with some of the biggest brands in Banking in Europe. Our customers have trusted in our technology and scaled to 5000+ agents across products and customer journeys.

    Learn more about our clients >

Buyer Checklist CX Video Calling

What functionalities do you need to look out for when choosing a video call technology for interacting with clients?
Download this checklist with a complete overview of technology requirements, and compare 24sessions with other vendors.