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Video customer contact for Retail

Provide personal, profitable shopping advice online

Connect sales advisors with customers real-time via 1-on-1 video calls. Add video calling to the omnichannel shopping experience to increase sales and build brand loyalty. Discover ways to offer video calls to your customers >

Some sales conversations simply ask for more personal advice than via chat. But what if the only way you sell is through an online webshop? Or if the pandemic has temporarily shut down physical stores?

For high-value products or 1-on-1 sales advice, online is not always an ideal channel, lowering average transaction value and putting a strain on revenue. And some more private or specific questions from customers deserve full attention from a sales consultant - in a more personal environment than a busy store during opening hours.

There is a middle way for these higher-value or more personal sales conversations. Take the in-store experience online with video calling. With our technology made for Customer Interaction, your sales advisors connect with customers and prospects real-time. Video calls are just as personal as live advice, but offer online convenience. Customers get to book a video appointment themselves, or start one instantly from your webshop or chat.

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Why 24sessions?

  • lock-alt-duotone

    Encrypted, ISO 27001, GDPR & trusted by banks and central governments.

  • Easy to use
    Easy to use

    Anyone can use 24sessions without training or installing software. Just click a link and go!

  • Everything you need
    Everything you need (and more)

    Most complete solution in the market. Built-in workflows, booking system, NPS & more.

  • Experts in your field
    Experts in your industry

    Our industry experts know how to make video contact successful and guide you every step of the way.

  • fits organization
    Fits your organization

    Standard integrations with your CRM, Contact Center and calendar, configurable UI & powerful API.

  • Support
    Incredible support

    We love to help. Our customer success team is always available via chat for you and your users.

Benefits of video calling for Retail

The most personal experience online

Have your customers instantly start a video call from the website or from an open chat. Or allow customers to book an appointment at a time that is convenient to them - 24/7, outside of your store’s normal opening hours too. In a secure and branded environment.


Easily add video calling to your omnichannel mix

Ensure low effort for IT and speedy go-to-market. Use our technology out-of-the-box, or integrate with our API or leading customer engagement systems like Salesforce.


Boost conversions and collect customer insights

Thanks to personal contact, you enable sales advisors to increase upsell and cross-sell opportunities. At the same time, track performance and keep a 360-degree view of customers thanks to data insights and feedback forms - all smoothly embedded in the Customer Journey and your CRM platform.

"Thanks to video calling, we increased our sales conversions by +33%"

Ways to use video calling in Retail


Video calling is really powerful in high value retail conversations. These are some examples of use cases:

  1. Sales

    From lead generation to qualifying and closing new deals. Thanks to automated booking or requesting an instant call, video calling is a strong way to engage your prospects. Sales agents love it too, because they can schedule & add video calls to their calendar without any manual work.
  2. Advice

    Offer fast and personal product advice whenever customers need more in-depth information. Thanks to features like screen sharing and co-browsing your agents are well equipped to inform customers remotely.

  3. Customer Service

    Get misunderstandings about your products out of the way, and quickly answer more complex questions from clients. Offer an instant video call with one of your agents - both during a purchase and later, to teach customers how to use your product.

  4. Digital Showroom

    Create a digital showroom experience by demonstrating products, new customizations or models at moments that fit your customer’s schedule. A personal experience online creates higher conversions.

  5. Kiosk

    Connect customers to an advisor in a Contact Center or another store. Through the instant video connection, you still provide fast and personal service if all store staff is occupied or customers have a specific question.

4 ways to offer video calling

Download our example kit to discover 4 ways to smoothly add Video Calling to the omnichannel retail journey:

Results of Retail via video

Build brand loyalty

Delight customers with 1-on-1 shopping experiences that result in NPS scores of up to +69 and make them come back for more.


Convert & sell outside opening hours as well

Always allow customers to reach you, thanks to automated booking, chat escalation or click-to-video-call.


Increase sales 

Conversions via video calls are just as high as in store, and 23% higher than online-only. Increase opportunities for cross-sell and upsell, and boost the average transaction value.


Happy sales advisors

Allow advisors to do what they love -  talking to customers live - while integrations, smart video call reports and automated insights make their job a lot easier.


What our clients say about video calling

“Appointment-based video calls allow us to connect and support our customers through personalized 1-to-1 conversations at scale. And we can digitally and personally leverage our team’s qualified expertise across the sales region."

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