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Integrate & embed into your ecosystem  

Easily embeddable and can be integrated into every ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate 24sessions with any enterprise architecture. Curious how our Customer Engagement solution compares to Teams or Zoom?

Benefits vs Generic Video tools

When you're building an ecosystem for customer contact, video calling should be a key element in the process. To make this happen, you want to rely on a provider that has thought of how systems should integrate with a video calling solution. This is where 24sessions comes in. We provide all the necessary elements you need to up your customer contact game by integrating a seamless video calling experience. Connect 24sessions with 1000+ pre-set apps via Zapier or build a custom connection using our API.


Mold it to your needs

The 24sessions API allows custom integrations to be created with any of our main components like Video Calls, Scheduler, Notifications, Availability, and Reviews. For example, trigger a video call based on your events, connect your meeting scheduler with our availability module or forward reviews to a CRM.


Mobile ready

24sessions provides an out-of-the-box solution for desktop and mobile video meetings. But in case you require a more integrated and customizable approach, the options are there. Our Mobile SDK allows technical teams to integrate 24sessions elements into your Mobile App or to build a whole new experience from scratch.


Proven integrations 

24sessions integrates seamlessly with popular CRM systems, calendars, or support solutions. Connect via Zapier to enable over 1000 integrations with a click of a button, or connect with one of our native integrations with Amazon, Genesys or Salesforce.


24sessions empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. Flexible API

    The 24sessions API allows you to embed cutting edge video technology into your applications.

  2. 1000+ integrations

    Our list of native and 3rd party integrations allow you to connect 24sessions with 1000's of applications.

  3. Mobile SDK

    Our mobile SDK allows you to integrate 24sessions into your mobile applications.

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