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No Downloads, just 1 click

Browser-based video calling without any downloads

Delight your customers with a no-hassle video call experience without downloads. Easier and safer to use than Zoom, Teams or Webex for both you and your clients, because of webRTC technology.


Video calling with customers has long been a miserable experience filled with downloads and installing software, wrong permissions, and devices that are not supported. In a world where businesses are struggling to set themselves apart from the rest, creating an excellent service is more important than ever.

24sessions is laser focussed on creating effortless customer meetings via video. In contrast to old-school video conferencing software, 24sessions allows your clients to join a video call without downloading software in every browser and on all devices. As one of the first providers, we even allow your clients to participate on mobile without installing an App.


Effortless video calls

Our goal is to make customer meetings as effortless as possible. This is why we've minimized all the friction points and allow your clients to join a video call with just one click. You simply invite the customer, a customizable email shares a link, and you're off. Personal video calling, sharing your screen with the guest, and insights are just one click away.

Want to create even shorter cycles? When customers have a question now, they typically also want an answer immediately. Imagine switching from a chat conversation, straight into a video call. Or present a button with available agents somewhere in your digital customer journey. With click-to-video customers can initiate a video call without any scheduling involved. The first available agent joins the call.


Mobile-first experience

Nowadays more and more services are shifting from desktop to mobile and video calling is not an exception on this rule. 24sessions allows your clients to join video calls using any browser on all devices, even on mobile. Guests simply click on the link provided in the customizable emails and they're in the video call using the device at hands. Allow your customers to get in touch with you wherever they are, from a coffee corner to a beach terras.  


Built for customer interaction

Video conferencing has been around for years, but using video for customer interaction is a whole different ball game and demands new capabilities. Where internal conferences happen in tightly controlled situations, video calls with customers can happen anywhere. From poor network to old devices, every call has its challenges. 24sessions is tailored for video calls between businesses and their clients, removing friction, allowing users to focus on delivering great video calls (not technology).

Our platform runs low on data, so it isn't putting any stress on people's networks. Besides this we've built in a smart onboarding process, guiding your customers into a video call and helping them when issues arise. Our system bot detects problems and presents options to solve them to both your team and your customer.


24sessions empowers service providers to offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. Explore how our video calling solutions can be used for your business.

  1. Mobile browser support

    No need to download a mobile app. 24sessions allows your customer to join mobile video calls using the browser.

  2. One-click access

    Allow customers to join a video call with a click of a button. No downloads or installations required.

  3. Automated Onboarding

    24sessions assists every customer to join video calls by providing them with tips and gif animations.

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