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24sessions Now Available on Genesys Appfoundry

24sessions’ video calling solution is now available on Genesys AppFoundry, a dedicated customer experience marketplace. The 24sessions integration with the Genesys PureEngage platform enables organizations to add high quality video calls to their customer contact channels to increase customer satisfaction and sales results of contact center agents.

Blog_Genesys appfoundry
Genesys Appfoundry

Genesys empowers over 10.000 companies in 100+ countries to create exceptional omnichannel experiences, journeys and relationships. The Genesys AppFoundry connects businesses to the industry’s highest caliber of customer experience solutions in one comprehensive marketplace.

There is a growing demand to provide customers with a more contextual and personal experience. The 24sessions integration provides a simple and highly scalable solution for our customers to add video calling to their omni-channel strategy mix” said Jaap Dijkhuizen, Solution Consultant from Genesys.

Rutger Teunissen, CEO of 24sessions:

“Appfoundry is the perfect opportunity for 24sessions to help businesses revolutionize their contact centers by letting agents go beyond answering questions and focus on strengthening the customer relationship. The integration equips agents to start a video call or extend interactions from voice, chat & webpage in just 1 click.”


Click here to discover 24sessions on Genesys AppFoundry >


Personalize customer contact

Unlike other enterprise video conferencing tools, 24sessions fits seamlessly within the Genesys customer journey. On top of that, the integration offers integrated CSAT and NPS tracking and conversational analytics built-in to the product.

The 24sessions integration is used in 3 ways:

  • Customer service. Extend your conversations to a video call to enable customers to share their physical context for e.g. troubleshooting.
  • Financial services. Connect with financial advisors to discuss personal financial matters or insurances through video calls without having to visit the branch.
  • Kiosks. Connect consumers in-store with remote agents to provide a fast and personal service through video.

24sessions usecases genesys integration


To learn more about the specific features and benefits of 24sessions, check out 24sessions on Genesys AppFoundry or visit our Genesys partner page here > 

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