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Capital Mills supports 24sessions in growth ambitions

We’re proud to announce that we’ve raised Series A funding from venture capitalist Capital Mills to accelerate our international growth. Since we've entered the market in 2016, we’ve grown at a rapid pace. Rutger Teunissen, CEO 24sessions:

“We’re really excited to partner with Capital Mills. In the last year we’ve tripled our revenue, doubled our team and grew to a leading position in the Benelux. This investment enables us to grow even faster by entering new markets and investing in sales.”


Capital Mills will provide the knowledge and resources needed for further international growth. Barry de Kock, Investment Manager Capital Mills:

"We are impressed by 24sessions’ innovative technology and execution power. With the right mix between team and tech they have rapidly grown and became market leader in the Benelux. Customer reviews and market research underpin their growth potential. We are happy to become part of 24sessions and help the company scale and become a European market leader”.

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Video calling for customer interaction
Our technology is being used by large banks such as Rabobank, Argenta, and Aegon, so they can offer video calling as a new customer interaction channel. What sets our solution apart from other enterprise video conferencing tools is that it takes just 1 click to join a video call. It requires no downloads and customers can join the call from any mobile or desktop device without any installations. On top of that, video calls can be branded and embedded in the customer journey. 24sessions also has appointment scheduling, CSAT tracking, and conversational analytics built-in to the product. CTO Konstantin Goncharuk:

“Until now, most enterprises have struggled to roll-out video calling as a major customer interaction channel, even though the ROI potential is tremendous and customers expect such a service. This is because their existing systems, such as Skype and Webex, are simply not built for customer interaction.”

About Capital Mills
Capital Mills is a Dutch venture capitalist firm founded in 2015 and backed by a group of experienced entrepreneurial investors. Focused on long-term collaboration and active support it invests in fast growing B2C tech startups and B2B SaaS companies.


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