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Holland & Barrett delivers personal online Retail Experiences with live video calls

You might have come across them in our Retail webinar already - we’re happy to welcome international retailer Holland & Barrett as our latest customer! Since early 2021, Holland & Barrett UK has been offering its customers live video advice with 24sessions.


Holland & Barrett is Europe’s largest Health & Wellbeing retailer, selling a wide range of vitamins, health supplements, specialist foods and natural beauty products. The international retailer has 1,368 stores in 16 countries around the world. The majority of its market is based in the UK, with 715 store locations.

The UK branch of Holland & Barrett now offers customers live video consultations to receive personal, qualified advice on the right health, nutrition and natural beauty products - online.

“With 24sessions our advisors have the ability to show and tell, for example by adding items into a basket and then sharing that basket with the customer. That’s been really helpful to guide them on their buying journey, which was a key goal for us. It has also led to a significant increase in conversions: customers now have all the information needed to make a confident purchase decision.”

- Michael Cheung, Strategic eCommerce consultant at Holland & Barrett


Live video consultations for personal health & wellbeing advice

Customers of Holland & Barrett can book an appointment for a free, 15-minute video call with a qualified (natural health) advisor on the website. During a video consultation they receive personal 1-to-1 advice about health, nutritional or beauty products, from the comfort of their own home. 

Customers are sent a customized email confirmation from which to start the video call in an entirely branded environment. The video consult works in 1 click on a secure link on any device - whether that’s a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Booking slots are available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm, outside of normal store openings hours too.



The benefits of live video calling for online retail advice

During a video consultation, Holland & Barrett customers get to speak to an advisor personally about more complex or personal health questions - such as sleep issues, weight management or gut health. The new service delivers a transformative proposition: video calling allows advisors to have conversations with customers about such personal topics that wouldn't have been possible inside a physical store.

An important benefit for Holland & Barrett’s advisors is that video calling helps to offer more qualitative advice. A 1-to-1 consultation of 15 minutes would never be possible in-store and helps the advisor to deeply understand a customer’s enquiry. Also, when booking the appointment, customers select the topic their enquiry is about and give some additional information. That way advisors come to the video call well prepared.


“We needed a tool that would allow us to capture all important data. Zoom and Teams are fine up to a point but it doesn’t give the rich data analytics that we really needed to make sure that we were offering the best service possible for both our customers and advisors. That’s why we chose 24sessions.”

- Michael Cheung, Strategic eCommerce consultant at Holland & Barrett


Plus, 24sessions’ AI add-on Conversation Intelligence gives Holland & Barrett the business insights they need to further improve the quality of video advice. With the smart Goal Tracker, they measure if advisors follow all steps of their sales model during a video conversation.

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Results of live video calls: exceptionally high Customer Satisfaction & more

Video consultations are a successful new service for Holland & Barrett, as reviews from both customers and advisors prove. Advisors rate 24sessions video calls with a steady 4.8/5 satisfaction score. And customer satisfaction on Video consultations is extremely high - with an average 9.8/10 CSAT score

On top of that, thanks to the shared basket and Holland & Barrett’s highly qualified, trained advisors, the first sales results with video consultations are also promising 👇


Learn more about live video for Retail

Like to discover how Holland & Barrett has increased average transactions value by 74% with video chat? And what the Customer Journey for a video consultation looks like? Download the Holland & Barrett case:



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