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Prioritize high-value interactions with value-based routing

Do you allow customers to schedule appointments with your agents directly from your website? Most organisations do. Then you also need to handle the risk of ‘opening the gates’ to all client conversations at the same time - high and low value alike.

What if your agents have different types of client meetings via video? And one type of video meeting asks for faster follow-up, represents higher business value, or requires a certain expert’s specialist advice? 

That’s why we’re presenting our video platform's latest feature - live and kicking: value-based routing. In addition to 24sessions’ booking module, you can now reserve time slots in your agents’ availability for specific meeting types.


Value-based routing: what & why?

Value-based routing allows you to reserve specific time slots in an agent’s calendar for specific types of client meetings. This way, you get to give priority to those client conversations with high value. For example:

  • Reserve more time slots for your most valuable customer interactions
  • Easily route your high-value client meetings to the most expert agent
  • Limit the amount of slots per week for a certain (lower value) type of client meeting
  • Extend your opening hours for specific meeting types only

How does that work?

Under the tab 'Availability' in 24sessions, you can block an individual agent’s availability for a certain meeting type like this:


The benefits of value-based routing:

  • Save the most popular & convenient time slots for client meetings with the highest value
  • Follow up with clients who have more urgent needs faster, improving customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales conversion rates by doing more of your highest-value client meetings
  • Boost your revenue


The perfect use case for value-based routing: mortgage advice via video


The perfect use case to prove the value of Value-based Routing is mortgage advice. That’s because mortgage loans are one of those products where speed is crucial for sales. And optimal routing of video meetings to your mortgage advisors helps to speed up the video banking journey for your mortgage products.

Here’s how a major Retail Bank in The Netherlands uses value-based routing to create lots of added value from its mortgage advice calls.


a) Routing high-value video conversations: new mortgages

Video banking implementation 24sessions_Availability per meeting type (1) 

Example of a booking form for a new mortgage advice meeting (= high value): customers can choose time slots at the most convenient hours - i.e. mornings, evening hours and even Saturdays.

And because speed is crucial to sales conversions on a new mortgage, clients can always have a video call within 7 days of booking.  🚀


b) Routing medium-value video calls: remortgage 

Video banking implementation 24sessions_Availability per meeting type (2)

An example of the time slots available for a remortgage advice call (= medium value): the booking form only offers afternoons on weekdays as options 📆  And clients can only book a meeting after at least 10 days.


c) Saving the most valuable conversations for senior advisors

Another thing that this bank does is to block time in their senior advisors’ calendars. The blocked time slots are then unavailable to be booked for lower value conversations - these are routed to more junior advisors.

This way, junior advisors gradually gain experience by talking to customers about simpler topics first. And it frees up loads of valuable time for senior advisors, who can use their experience for those customers that require it - i.e. high-value customer conversations.



Benefits of value-based routing for video banking

This big retail bank reserves specific time slots in its (more senior) mortgage advisors’ availability for high-value customer meetings. Customers looking for a new mortgage represent way more value than customers who want to refinance their existing mortgage.

The bank thus adds business value & boosts revenue with Value-based routing: 

  • It uses the feature to do more of it’s high-value customer conversations, i.e video calls for a new mortgage, which boosts sales
  • The bank's advisors can do video calls for a high-value product faster, with fewer time between booking the meeting and having the video call. This improves customer satisfaction
  • Plus, such a speedy process also provides a competitive advantage, further increasing sales conversion rates. 


Discover the benefits for your organisation

You can use Value-based routing to distribute your agents’ most valuable time even more intelligently and profitably, too. To learn more about using this feature for mortgage advice or other types of customer interaction, contact us!

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