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Rabobank scales up Video Banking to 15,000 advisors with 24sessions and Genesys

Big news about our collaboration with Rabobank! The Netherlands’ second largest bank has scaled up Video Banking centrally to all client-facing agents – meaning 15,000 advisors can now start an instant video call with a client.

Making video calls a strategic channel in Conversational Banking

With the scale-up Rabobank expands video calling to a true strategic CX channel throughout the organisation. And the bank elevates 24sessions to the level of strategic partner as the supplier of its scalable Video Banking technology.

Rabobank has been working with 24sessions since 2016 – for mortgage advice originally – and is now scaling up from 5000 video-enabled advisors to all 15,000 client advisors in a wide range of use cases. 

The expansion is part of Rabobank’s ‘Conversational Banking’ strategy, the move to a full-fledged omni-channel CX delivery model. The goal is for both customers and agents to be able to switch seamlessly between contact channels and pick up the conversation where they left off, ‘in a continuous dialogue between Rabobank and the customer’.

And the first step towards the omni-channel ‘Conversational Banking’ goal has been taken: Rabobank  agents can now switch to an instant video call from any incoming telephone call or messaging interaction.


Offering customers an instant video call with an agent when the conversation topic asks for it, is Rabobank’s first major step towards seamless omni-channel ‘Conversational Banking’


100% omni-channel Customer Engagement thanks to a seamless Genesys integration

Scaling up to 15,000 video-enabled advisors is made possible by a full embedding of video call technology  in Rabobank’s internal workflows: the expansion of Video Banking goes hand in hand with an organisation-wide integration with Customer Engagement suite Genesys. 

Thanks to the Genesys Cloud integration that 24sessions provides, Rabobank advisors can now create a video appointment with a client directly from their Genesys environment. 

The full integration of video banking allows Rabobank advisors to work more efficiently in one central Customer Engagement platform. And they collaborate more effectively from Genesys, where they always have the complete and up-to-date customer data at hand.

And on top of scheduled video calls, the full embedding of Video Banking also provides seamless switching from other CX channels to video. In Genesys’ omni-channel cloud environment, agents can escalate to a video call from a live phone call or messaging conversation.

Whenever the customer introduces a topic on the telephone or in messaging which is best handled via a more personal, human-assisted channel, the Rabobank agent can offer to start an instant video call. When the client agrees, a secure link is shared with which they can start video calling with an advisor in 1 click.


“Integrating video calling into the Genesys suite helps us to expand video as a strategic CX channel. Our 15,000 agents can now make customer interactions more personal and visual by offering a video call when the conversations asks for it. For example, to immediately act upon a sales opportunity like a new mortgage request – or to show financial calculations during a phone call.”

Rabobank’s Head of Conversational Banking & CRM, Thom Kokhuis
about the expansion of Video Banking to a strategic CX channel with 24sessions and Genesys


Towards an even more valuable partnership in Video Customer Contact

24sessions has been working in a close collaboration with Rabobank since 2016. First to roll out Video Banking for mortgage advice, then scaling up to 5,000 advisors and extra use cases like SME Business Loans and Private Banking to maintain business continuity during the pandemic – always with the help of our Customer Team’s expert services.

We highly value our collaboration with Rabobank at 24sessions. And it makes us a proud partner to see the role of video calling strengthened into a strategic CX channel as part of the bank’s omni-channel goals 💪

“It’s great to see Rabobank make Video Banking a strategic contact channel within its omni-channel and Conversational Banking strategy. Our vision at 24sessions is to seamlessly offer video calls in every customer journey, so that customers can always pick the channel they prefer. Rabobank is now making that shared vision of ours a reality.”

Head of 24sessions Rutger Teunissen about the strategic Rabobank partnership


More about Rabobank and omni-channel Video Banking

Learn more about the 24sessions video call integration with Genesys, or download our freshly updated Rabobank case study – including a page with the agent journey 👇 


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