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Video Banking, the next step in banking convenience

The way we bank has changed over the last years. Remember when you still had to go to the bank office to withdraw money from your account. And transferring money could only be done with the help of a bank employee…

Luckily, you can now bank with just a couple of clicks – and still speak to your trusted financial advisor.

Hello convenience economy, and hello video banking!



Video calling with your financial customers

Video banking is an emerging channel where banks and other financial institutions can engage their customers in personal conversations through video calling.

Unlike face-to-face contact, video banking is flexible, on demand and easy-to-use for both the customer and advisor. It’s the next step in banking convenience.


7 use cases for Video Banking

Banks like Rabobank, Aegon and Argenta are already perceiving great value from video banking. This visual connection can be used to service existing customers, leads and prospects with personal advice.

Here are 7 ways our clients have integrated video calling into their processes and services:

 + Retail banking
Connect more frequently and conveniently with customers to help manage their financial situation. For example, offer video calls to review customer’s savings and give practical tips on how to better manage their savings. 

 + Private banking 
Build stronger customer relationships by making touch points more proactive, relevant and frequent. This enables advisors to inform their customers on the impact of current affairs in real time, such as Brexit.

 + Business banking
Enable advisors to become a trusted partner. For example, offer video calls to discuss business dynamics and advise on financing options & loans. Many business customers travel extensively and love that they are one click away from meeting their advisor.

 + Customer service
Offer a seamless experience from text chat to video calls when customers require a more in-depth conversation with a financial advisor.   

 + Mortgages & Loans
Provide prospects and customers fast and personal advice on mortgages and loans. Through video calls, customers can go faster through the decision process. This empowers them to buy the house of their dreams. 

 + Insurances 
Advise insurance customers on the right products and policies. For example, offer video calls during life-changing moments that are likely to impact one’s insurance needs.  

 + Investments
Offer personal advice how to manage customers' investment portfolio. For example, offer video calls to coach your customers on how to get started with investments. 


Hungry for more? Contact our video banking experts to discuss how you can leverage the power of video.



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