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Video consults and Health advice via video

Provide personal, accessible health advice at a distance

Make your health services accessible remotely. Allow clients to access health advice safely through video calling.



The corona health crisis has made one thing clear - it is essential for everyone to have access to the physical and mental healthcare they need, when they need it.

Yet accessible healthcare is a complex challenge. For the right diagnosis and effective treatment, care providers still need to see clients face-to-face. But the pandemic has made it a risk to travel to a physical consult for clients struggling with their (mental) health. And before the virus too, waiting lists were long and the strain on healthcare organisations and insurers to treat as many patients as possible was high. 

So how to easily connect clients with the right caregiver, and help them as fast as possible? Remote health advice via video calling is the solution. Offer video consults to advise and support clients remotely - while still giving each individual personal, 1-on-1 attention from a healthcare professional.

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Why 24sessions?

  • lock-alt-duotone

    Encrypted, ISO 27001, GDPR & trusted by banks and central governments.

  • Easy to use
    Easy to use

    Anyone can use 24sessions without training or installing software. Just click a link and go!

  • Everything you need
    Everything you need (and more)

    Most complete solution in the market. Built-in workflows, booking system, NPS & more.

  • Experts in your field
    Experts in your industry

    Our industry experts know how to make video contact successful and guide you every step of the way.

  • fits organization
    Fits your organization

    Standard integrations with your CRM, Contact Center and calendar, configurable UI & powerful API.

  • Support
    Incredible support

    We love to help. Our customer success team is always available via chat for you and your users.

All Benefits

Benefits of video calling for Health advice

Make advice more accessible

Allow clients to get in touch with a healthcare or insurance professional sooner. Clients can book an appointment online, and have the video consult from home. Video calling works with 1 click on a link, also on a mobile device.


Remove barriers to timely advice

Make it easier & safer for people already having health issues to receive care, saving them the burden of travelling. And caregivers have more time to do what matters provide care: instead having to manually schedule appointments, video consults are automatically added to their calendars.


Personal & secure conversations

Seeing clients face-to-face makes it easier to assess health needs than over the phone. Clients get to ask any questions they might have in person. Plus, video calling always takes place in a secure and encrypted environment.

"89% of the timeslots we open up for video consults are filled within 24 hours."


Ways to use video calling for Health advice

How are other organisations using video calling for health advice to clients?

  1. Intakes

    Get to know patients from the comfort of their own home. Visualisation during a video intake helps to better diagnose clients and offer the right treatment.
  2. Advice & Consults

    Help clients with non-urgent conditions safely and efficiently by scheduling a video consult. Seeing each other face-to-face allows health professionals to pick up non-verbal signs and ask the right questions, but saves clients the burden of travelling.

  3. After care

    During treatment, new questions might come up about medication, recovery, relapses and insurance coverage. Make sure to fully inform and reassure clients about these more complex, personal or emotional questions on a 1-on-1 video call with the right specialist.

  4. Health insurance

    Offer video calls with an insurance specialist to advise clients on which doctor, specialist, treatment or medication is available, and what costs are covered by their insurance.

Case study Health insurance

Download this case study to learn how Belgium's biggest independent health insurer Helan
makes it really easy for clients to book a video call, scoring a +90 NPS:


Key Results


Personal contact with clients

Maintain 1-on-1 contact with clients in a more personal way than over the phone. Boost CSAT and NPS scores.


Help more clients

Talk to more clients. Scheduling a video consult is easy. And on top of saving travel time, your clients experience up to 43% shorter waiting times.


Provide faster help

By making it easy to schedule a video consult, health specialists can talk to clients more proactively, earlier in the treatment process.


Save administrative time

Video calling saves time on scheduling appointments. Provide health specialists with easy-to-use technology so they can work 20-50% more productively.


What our clients say about video calling

"Contact with clients is more personal from their own home - where they feel at ease. They communicate more openly, so we can come to the right decision about their health insurance faster. I'm a big fan of video calling."

Koen Vandendriessche
Commercial Manager at health insurer Helan

“24sessions is very easy to use for clients looking to contact an organisation. With just 1 click on a link they start the video call. And thanks to the personal interaction, video calling is a highly suitable contact channel for explaining more complex matters clearly." 

Frontline-quote_Hans Reuver
Hans Reuver
Director of Frontline Solutions
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